Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monkey see Monkey do

No I am not really calling my son a monkey, but that is a wonderful saying and it makes so much sense to me now that I have a kid. Owen is our little copy cat. For example: today we went to Borders to look around. And Owen decided he wanted out of his stroller, so we obliged and got him out. Once he was out he was pushing around his stroller and randomly stopping through out the store and putting things that looked appeasing to him into the stroller. It was cracking us up. Then he saw me drinking out of my new water bottle and he had to drink out of it too. He also was trying to help me in the garden this weekend. It is just so cute. He has been seriously fussy these days though. I think it has a lot to do with teething, and now that he is old enough to communicate his uncomforatbleness, HE

Owen has also found a new love..out doors. We can hardly keep him in the house. He will go over to the patio door and just bang on it and whine until we take him outside. It is funny and cute. He does not care what the weather is like either..rain, sunshine whatever he wants to be outside. This is a good thing, I hope he continues to be like that.

We do not watch TV all that often around here, but ever so often I like to watch George is really funny. And now Owen loves that show. When it comes on he gets so excited. He loves the song, slow rider, and they play that in the beginning credits. Too cute.

Well I have to return to work tomorrow. Pretty sad about it. I have to admit I loved being home with Owen this past week..even if he was sick. It was nice to spend so much time with him. Not to mention my allergies are going CRAZY right now and my eyes are red, and itchy. My nose is running like crazy and my throat is itchy. Its awful. It will make for a long work day I am sure, and now I am on late shift so the days are going to seem super long. I hate being so far away from my baby boy.

Well better get to bed..night night and God bless to all you mothers out there.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Day

Wow today was a good day. A great day indeed. I am so happy about today. Owen is well..ok mostly, he has a little cough and clear snot..but much better than on Tuesday-Friday. Yes I picked him up Tuesday and he was breathing like Darth Vader. Took him to the doctor and they gave him a shot of Steroids to help him breathe. He had the croup. Then after that, on Thursday we were up all through the night because the kid was running a 104 temp and it maintained at around 102. His face was as red as a tomato. But that is behind us now and I can finally relax. So what did we do today..worked in the yard. It was great. Mom and I (with occasional help from Owen) completed weeding in two of my gardens..needless to say there is much more to go..but the accomplishment of those two make me want to do more. That is after my bones stop hurting from all the work.

Owen loved walking around the yard and picking the daisies. It was so cute. He is such a big boy now. He is even eating on his own, with a spoon and all. He drinks from a straw. He is so independent. When he falls he gets so mad. I have to remind him to get up and start over. Its cute. He is such a lover too..hugs and kisses all the time.

We have been spending a lot of time outside, it has been so nice out. I love how all my daisies and crocuses look. They are beautiful. The tulips are starting to come up and random other spring flowers that I planted but do not know the name of. I ordered some trees from Arbor Day Foundation and am looking forward to getting them. I think I got ones that flower. I am excited. Gave mom a Red Oak Tree today for her yard. I also ordered a Japanese Maple and I can not wait to plant that. I have to first pull the ugly bush from my front yard up though. I think I will replant that one in back. Really looking forward to this gardening thing.

Got my package for the Hersey Bliss party. Got lots and lots of chocolates. I have to admit I busted into them and boy are they good. Go out and get some you will not be disappointed. I think Tara and I are going to have a big house party with Aveno and Herseys. Got to talk to her about it.

Well not much more. Owen is doing and mostly. He loves daycare...and is thriving there. They all seem to really love him too. Which rocks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Movin UP

Well my little man is going to start in the Toddler room tomorrow. WOW. I have serious mixed feelings. I know he will enjoy it a lot more. They have a pretty tight schedule and he will get to play outside. Its pretty cute.

Got my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. LOVE IT.

Owen can drink out of a straw.

OH and were all going on a diet..time to start eating right again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a weekend.

It never fails, we plan a trip and Owen gets sick. Yep, we planned a trip to INDY, pretty last minute too. We both took Thursday and Friday off work and headed out Wend. We dropped the dog off at Kelly's in Columbia City and got on I-69 and the projectile puking began...Oh what a treat. Owen got sick on the way there once we got there and the next morning. So no fun for us. I was on the phone with the doctor and hunting down a gas station to get some Gatoraide to ensure he did not get any more dehydrated then he already was. So I asked the front desk if we could cancel the next night and check out to go home on Thursday. They said sure (and ended up charging us for it...unfinished business there), so we headed home on Thursday afternoon. Owens puking stopped but he ended up getting a stuffy nose. We stopped at a mall in Carmel so Wes could get his computer fixed at the APPLE Store. Then we stopped and got Sasha and ended up home around midnight. We figured since we were both off on Friday we would go to Health Works in South Bend. It was fun. Owen played a lot, we also took him through the art gallery at the convention center and to the mall to play..not to mention the Chocolate Factory so he could play on the new little tree house they have in there. Tried to get pictures but of course my camera died..this is why I do not post as many pictures camera is crap. OK, then Sat. we went to Tara and Darins and Owen played with the kids. We also did our usual Saturday grocery shopping. Then today we mostly just stayed home and relaxed. We did go out to eat this morning and we went to the mall. Owen's eye started to goo..its pretty goo..Oye Vey.

I have been looking for a purse with no luck. I just want a really pretty purse for spring, that has lots of pockets, big enough to throw some diapers in and a small thing of wipes. I have been on a search now for a while. I almost got a Vera Bradley with is a really cool purse but I am kinda up in arms if that is my I hesitated. Then Saturday I went into The Natural Way in Granger. Its a kick ass store for babies..its all designer everything from cribs to diaper bags. Well I found a diaper bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom that I LOVED it is everything I have been looking for. So I went online and found on on ebay for a little cheaper then they wanted at The Natural Way and I got it. It is a serious treat for myself but I LOVE IT and can not wait to get it.

My neck has been hurting a lot lately. I have been stressed. It makes me sad that Owen is already ONE and it makes me happy. It just seemed like I brought him home and now he is walking. It really is overwhelming. He is such a sweet kid. He has to wave and say hi to kinda ticks me off when people ignore him. I am sure to tell him loud enough that he is very nice and polite even if other people are not. I do not want him to think he is the one with the problem, because it is not him but the millions of rude people out there who can not even tell a baby hi. It seriously amazes me. I realized how freaking rude and inconsiderate people are when I was pregnant. I plan on teaching Owen that he should always be kind and respectful especially to women!!!!

Well the weather has been wonderful. Owen and I were outside a lot today walking around looking at my bloomed crocuses and looking at the daffodils and tulips that are starting to emerge out of the ground. It is so cool. I need to do some serious yard work. Monday I am going to call and see how much a spring clean up would cost us. Hopefully affordable. I am going to do some planting this summer. I am ready for a nice yard again. It was so hard to get out there last year because Owen was so young and I was trying to adjust to work..which I still am..I think that has something to do with that darn lump in my throat that keeps coming and going. Anyway, I am looking forward to what is to come weather wise and so thankful to see green grass again!!!!!!!!

PS Next weekend I am going to start going to church again. I need to feed my soul spiritually. I am looking forward to it.