Saturday, September 27, 2008


A lot has happened in a month. On Sept. 9th Owen got the Tubes put in his ears. He was a champ!! He really did great with the entire procedure. I was so proud of him. So far so good too!! We had our 18 month check up yesterday and his doctor was pretty excited about the tubes being in his ears.

We got rid of Sasha last weekend. Well sorta..we let her go live with grandma and grandpa Murphy. She snipped and growled at Owen. I think she had just had enough of a young kid. She is now at the retirement home..LOL..Kelly said she is doing wonderful. I miss her but I know she is much happier being the queen again.

Work has been going ok..

Joined Weight Watchers today. Pretty excited to get back on the weight loss buss..woo hoo...

Not much else