Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My boy is talking up a storm

OK so we have gotten into the repeat everything age. It is so cute. Yesterday his sippy cup spilled over and he told me that the applejuice went poo poo. LMAO!! It was too cute. Then he stubbed his toe and he made sure he told me and Wes all about it. He walked over to the object he stubbed his toe on and he pointed at his toe and pointed at the object and lifted up his foot and jibber was too cute. He is also pointing to objects in books and magazines and telling me what they are. WOW!! He is 19 months today..pretty good. He can count to 5, and then he says 9. He memorizes names and faces really well. He knows all the kids in his class (which by the way the kids in his daycare class call him Mr. Owen). He is just growing up so fast..this morning he pointed at a shadow and growled. He then proceeded to be frightened. It was too cute. He is becoming more self aware of things. This morning we all gave a great big family hug and a great big family kiss all together..too cute.

Last night we had a girls night out. Me, Tara, Sara, Darcey and Monica all went to Elkhart Hacienda. It was a lot of fun. And when I got home Wes had Owen put to bed. WOW..

Last weekend we went to Southern Indiana to visit my grandma. Owens great grandma. We drove down south about 7 hours worth to Montgomery IN and stayed ot the Gasthoff Hotel. Which is an Amish oriented hotel. Ate lots of good food. GREAT!! We had a lot of fun. Owen did AWESOME and got to meet his cousin (the one and only) Delaney. She is so cute. Looks just like Clint to me. I have so many pictures I need to load back to the county fair in July. I will get to that sometime soon. OH an at the Gasthoff we went on a carriage ride. It was a blast. Owen loved that. I fed a few horses and the one I liked the best was the one hooked up to the carriage. His name was Sonny and the driver was an Amish guy named Kenny..My great-Aunt Sarah and her daughter Summer came to have dinner with us. It was a good time.

Owen got his DTaP shot on Monday. Made his leg a little sore. But now all his shots are up to date. He is good until he is 2 when he gets the HEP A booster and then he is good until kindergarden. NICE!!!

Sara Smith is starting to show. How cute she is..even if she does not think so. Almost makes me want another one right am just enjoying Owen too much. I really just want him for a while longer before I have to share my love with another one. Not that I do not have plenty to share but it will be nice that Owen will want more independence when the next one comes along..and will hopefully be a helper to momma.

Ok my break has come to an end..way to quickly (Im working right now)

Will write more later.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weight Watchers

Well all is good in the Hoogenboom household. Owen is doing great. He is talking so well now. He can say so many words and he put words with he knows what cheese is, and all the farm animals, his body parts--including the pee pee, birds, balloons, balls, ect...the list is endless. It is so cute. Today he was pointing up at the moon. It was pretty cute that he is so excited about the moon and

He is starting to get independant big time..throwing mega fits when he does not get what he wants. He is also becoming a little shy around strangers..which I think is so cute.

Well for me started Weight Watchers again. So far 4.5 pounds..woo hoo. Want to get down to 155 Ibs before the next baby..yep I do want another one..

OK enough..

Owen is so cute and is doing great with the tubes. Has to take zyrtec due to allergies though.