Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby Hoogenbooms here to Stay

Owen Vincent


03/22/2007 - 12:16 p.m.
The story: Julie was at 38 weeks, at her weekly doctors appointment. Her blood pressure was too high at the checkup and the midwife decided that it was time to induce labor. She called me and we met at the hospital around noon. Something happened after the checkup that set her off into natural labor, it was the fact that she was told they were going to induce labor! After a few hours, her blood pressure slowly came down and her contractions began to get weaker. They speculated about possible hospital release. However, because we were dealing with the risk of pre-eclampsia the midwife prescribed a IV with a low dosage of pitocin (which induces the labor process), this was around 8:30 p.m. After this excitement, things settled down a little and we actually managed to get some rest this was at midnight. At 3 a.m., the contractions became really intense and irregular in timing, 2 minutes apart and about 10 minutes long. At 5:30 the pitocin and IV were removed all together and we were back into a more consistent natural labor, like 3 minutes apart and about 60 seconds long, still relatively tolerable. As the contractions grew closer together and more powerful, at 10:20 a.m., the midwife decided to break her water and the real labor began! After trying some different positions, we got her into the whirlpool at 11. Screaming, swearing, grunting, and splashing ensued, all of the typical kind of emotions you would expect from the labor process. My Mom and brother were in the hallway pacing around, because Julie was stressing everyone out. Our suite was directly across the waiting room and there 8 people in there and everybody was concerned, but the nurse reassured them that Julie was just singing her birthing song. Which in retrospect, I think needed an explicit lyrics label! She eventually got this strange focused look and maintained her breathing and pushing perfectly and at 12:16 p.m. delivered the baby. I got to cut the cord, and everything went perfectly. They handed Julie the baby immediately, she was so happy and content at that point, we didn't even know the sex yet! Finally the nurse moved the leg around and we discovered it's a boy! This whole experience was very emotional and exciting all at once. Julie did an awesome job, all natural with no painkillers. The numbers: Weight 7lbs 13oz Length: 20" Head: 14in

Story Written by Daddy Hoogenboom

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two weeks left

Unbelievable!! I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Don't get me wrong. I am seriously getting ready to meet this little person. I honestly cant wait. It is so fun to feel it kick me or push on me.

Yesterday was fun. Wes and I hung out all day in South Bend. We went to see the movie 300 which is really really good. Then we went to the Chickorey Cafe, a new Cafe downtown..which I like a lot better than the Chocolate Factory. Then we went to a health food store so I could get me some Clary Sage essence oil. The Clary Sage is suppose to help your body get ready for labor. I have been sniffing it like

Not feeling too bad. My back hurts a little and ever so often I will have a leg cramp..not to mention I am consistently hungry. But I did manage to go swimming yesterday for 15 min and I am going to try and do it on Tues and Thursday too and then again next Sat if I have not gone into labor. I know its kinda last min. exercise but it feels really great to me to get in the water. I feel light as a feather.

My last doctor appointment went well. I grew a few inches and gained a pound. So not too bad. I am a little swollen but I think that is a given at this point in the pregnancy.

Today we are going to take the doggie to the groomer. luckily its free this visit cuz we are broke. I am trying to pay off bills so I am making huge contributions towards them. I would like a lot of them to be gone by June!! Big goal. Wes and I are terrible at spending our money on silly things. We both are. Don't get me wrong I save too and make sure I save in a CD or Christmas Club so I cant touch the money..also savings bonds. But when it comes to charging I am terrible. Especially with shopping online. You can get things so cheap. For example: At Babies R Us the breast pump I wanted was 260.00 dollars I got it online for 182.00 no tax and no shipping and handling. How great is that!! It is almost a 100.00 difference and I get it delivered to the door. There are just a few other things I want to get for the baby. One being a Maya looks like it will really come in handy for the next year or so and I can reuse it if we have another child. And I want to subscribe to Mothering magazine. We also need a baby swing but I think I am going to either look online for that or look at Garage Sales or in the paper. I don't think it is terribly crucial at this point to have one.

Well need to get started on the day and get some breakfast. Gotta leave to drop pup off at 8:30 cuz we take her to Petco in Mishawaka...


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Three Weeks To GO

I can believe it is sooooo close before I am going to be a mommy--for the rest of my LIFE!! Its so exciting and so nerve wrecking too. Today we are going to go buy the few things we will have to have when baby comes that I did not get at the showers. Its not much let me tell ya. I made out like a bandit with two baby showers. From my work shower I got a stroller, a bunch of kids books, a rocker for the baby, a bunch of clothing, a tummy time mat, a home made quilt (which is so freakin cute, its raggedy Ann and Andy), a lamp and lamp shade that matches the room decor, the mobile that matches the room, and many other things I know I am forgetting. I am a lucky girl. And this baby is a lucky baby to have so many people who care about it already. I am so excited about Julia and Amanda having their babies too!! They will have a baby shower in May for them and how fun to be able to bring along my little one to that shower.

My lower back and hips are KILLING ME!! I have a tingle all over in my arms and legs. It is getting worse as the baby gets bigger. OYE!! The midwife said it happens to some women and it may take a while afterwards to get better. GOOD NEWS!! It will all be worth while though. I am sure when I am holding this little baby the last thing I am going to be worrying about is a tingle in my hand or foot.

My last doctors appointment was on Wend the 7th of March and I had not been back for two weeks. I had gained five pounds and grew two baby is now starting to pack on the weight. That is good news..I want a nice healthy baby when it comes out of there. Now I go to the doctor every week until the little one comes. The Midwife said that baby would be ok if it came at this point but most babies will be over due (when they are the mothers first). I was like I sure hope so, I am still wanting it to be born on Easter this year. I think that would be so cute. My little Easter present.

Wes' mom is excited about it being born in April because that is when her Birthday is too, but she is at the end of the month. Speaking of birthdays today Wes and I are going to Mishawaka to get some things and we are going to pick up burritos for my mom and Scott from a new burrito place there (I always forget the name) but they are so good. I think I will get them both a little gift from Target to. Not sure what yet. Next weekend Sasha goes to the groomer to get a buzz cut so I dont have to worry about her hair being all over when the baby gets home. She will like it too since it is starting to get warm and it will help her get rid of her undercoat.

Well I better go get Wes up and get things going Id like to be home by one or two o clock to call my mom and Scott over and then when they leave I am going to go to the gym to go swimming. I am excited about that. It has been a while since it has been so cold. I need to go a lot this last month to get baby ready to come out. Luckily it is getting warm and our last Bradley class is Tuesday so I should be able to go at least twice a week for the next few weeks, plus walking Sasha again. I will hopefully be able to get baby out no problemo!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

4 weeks to go

The Magic Of Love

Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery!!
Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!!
Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
And not with its mind!!
Love is the answer
That everyone seeks...
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!!

- Helen Steiner Rice -

Today was fun. Wes and I went to get our taxes done from his dad. It was the first year we got to file as a married couple. It was pretty exciting. Then we went to Sam and Kens house to celebrate her kids birthday. It was a lot of fun. Got to eat some cake and Ice cream and chat with the ladies.

Did not do a whole lot this past week. Just started cleaning the house. A little at a time. Hopefully that way when Baby comes I will not be to overwhelmed with house work. I know Wes will help me though, he is really good at that.

I have realized that there is nothing better in life then allowing yourself to love someone with all your heart. I have finally opened up to Wes 100%--not that I did not love him tons and tons before. But I was afraid to love him with everything I have. Now I am not afraid of that and it is so wonderful to be having a child with him. He is so sweet and so proud of me and the baby. He accepts all my faults and loves me unconditionally and I him. I feel that God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and I thank him everyday and with all my might that I got him!!

The baby has become very active. I assume because there is not much room left in there for HERM to grow. But I am sure it will continue to grow over the next four weeks and I will be HUGE before I know it. I have been doing a lot of day dreaming about holding my little baby in my arms. It is such a wonderful day dream. I cant wait to meet this little person that Wes and I created. It is so exciting and so beautiful.