Thursday, January 24, 2013

Does God exsist..why of course!

So here is something to think about. This morning my kids were making me bonkers and Wes was moving, what I thought to be, extra slow. I was in a hurry and ready to MOVE IT..HAHA. Like normal. I just want to get to work and get it O-V-E-R. So I helped get the kids coats on and get them in the car gave the kisses and jumped in my car and was ready to rip and roar out of there. I even pulled down to the end of my driveway...and stopped. Something said...STOP, WAIT and yell BYE to your kids. OH BOY NO NO NO I want to go to work...ugh..why is Wes poking!!! OK I will slow down my babies come I waited and waited and waited..OH and waited..LMAO. OK,  maybe I am being a bit of a drama queen! Finally, Wes was in the car and backing to the stop light we went (See I wait for them we pull up to the stop light together and then we yell and scream bye as loud as we all can until we can not hear one another any more) I was yelling bye and Wes was going slow...and then I was off down the road..but I looked in my mirror at them..and it appeared Wes was stopped, but no he was going..OK SHOOSH hes fine..right! No worries and made it to work only 8 minutes later than I wanted to..not bad. So lunch comes around and Wes and I go to Subway..he was like, "did you see that lady run the red light?" HUH??? She ran the red light this morning...I saw her coming and stopped. She would have totally hit Silas' side of the car if I did not see her. WHAT!! THE!!! CRAP!!! REALLY??? Ok, freaking..then realized....we were being protected. I was told to wait..I listened. I slowed down and put my family first. My husband was watching..together our actions possibly saved our childs life. There are always going to be people in this world who only think of themselves...and dont think of the consequenses of their actions...I WISH that person this morning would read this blog and know what running that red light COULD HAVE DONE..but thank GOD for giving me the gut feeling to stay behind and hold up my husband for those few seconds to give him the time to see the person who could have caused serirous damage to their family and mine!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Owen and Silas hugging after a long night separated by sleep. Lol

Building snowmen jan 2013

Came home from work and the boys were outside building snowmen. Later in the week someone knocked them all down, so Owen and I went back out and rebuilt them.

Christmas 2012

Christmas eve I made the boys blankets and gave them Yo Gabba Gabba Jammie's. They had a lot of fun!