Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some cute things

The other day Owen and I were napping together and he woke up and said MAAAAAAMAAAA...and went back to sleep. He was so happy to see me there with him. He ended up sleeping an entire hour more.

I dropped him off at daycare last Friday and he grabbed onto my leg and I was dragging him around because he did not want me to leave.

He is already putting two or more words together and he has around 60-70 words that he can say. He is really good at all the face parts..like eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, mouth.

We went to the Doctor on Saturday to get him his flu shot and when we pulled into the parking lot Owen said, doctor owey..and started to rub his leg..he knew what was coming.

He picks up his own toys, drinks out of a cup, sings songs with me, stacks blocks, does things on command..like jump, hop, run, walk.

He is just getting so BIG!!!

Owens visit with family