Monday, April 30, 2007

My five week check up

Went to my five week check up today at Womans Reproductive Health. I saw Sheri, she is the one who delivered Owen. She described my birth as an exorcism birth..LOL. I was cracking up. I think that was a very appropriate way of describing it. Everything seems to be in working order. She said I could start swimming again. So I cant wait. I am going to start this Saturday.

Wes and I went to look at the daycare today. It does seem really nice..kinda expensive but very nice. I feel really comfortable leaving him there. But they said they may not have any openings in June. The girl who gave us the tour said Owen was so perfect. She said he has the perfect shaped head and features. I was like thank you very much..proud as a peacock..LOL.

Anyways, got a picture with Sheri and Owen. Will post that soon..Sheri said she misses us pregos when we have our babies. I laughed and said I felt the same way about them there at the office. I was really sad about not going back for a while. Now I have another appointment in July and not again until the next July..unless something happens of course. I guess I am pretty sentimental too.

Not much else..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rude People

Hey everyone. If you went to my FLICKR page in the past and now can not get in it I am sorry. I set my information to private for friends and family only...I had some pervert leaving nasty comments on some of the pictures. Why do people have to be so rude..

You can always join Flickr for free and become my friend and we can share photos...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a memory

Just wanted to write about this before I forget one day. When I found out that I was pregnant, it was toward the end of July..and I am pretty regular on the monthly thing. I was running just a few days late and was having small cramps. Wes joked with me and said maybe I was pregnant. HUMMM got me thinking. So I told my friend Stacy that I am going to go buy a pregnancy test if I do not start my period the next day. She laughed.

So sure enough no period so I went and got a test..POSITIVE!! So I wanted to verify it with the doctor so I called Fairhaven and they gave me a test and it was negative. So I came home and took another test and it was the next day I went and bought two more tests and took those..positive and then I bought two more and took I called the nurse at Fairhaven in Goshen and told her and she said that I am def. pregnant and she is not sure why their test indicated different. Just to be on the safe side I took one more test for good measure and yep it was I took 7 tests. Yes I am a bit obsessive. So that is when I decided not to go with Fairhaven..if they can not even get a pregnancy test right..OMG!!! So I talked to my friend Karen and she was telling me about Midwifes. So I decided to go that route and found one in Elkhart..set up the appointment and went to my Chiropractor in Mishawaka. He asked me what I was going to do and I told him that I was going with a Midwife. That is when he suggested the Womens Reproductive Health Midwifes. So I called them and made an appointment there failing to call and cancel my appointment in Elkhart..Now that was God because I am nothing but happy with the Midwifes in South Bend and I am going to continue to see them as my woman doctors..

But thought that was pretty and my obsessive behavior..yes I am still that way. Sometimes it is good though..

Picture above is my friend Stacy..


Took Owen to the doctor again today. Poor little guys belly button was looking very nasty. Found out that it was part of the stump hanging on tight. So Dr. put silver nitrate on it and then wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic ointment. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Owen has really grown a bunch. He now weights 11 pounds. My gosh he is a big boy already. He is solid as a rock and long..Wes says he is super human..not Wes but He is already rolling over and follows me with his eyes. He can not roll from his back to his belly but he can roll from his belly to his back..oh I take that back he did roll from his back to his belly once..he has to be really ticked off to do that.

He has redish blond hair, but he got the temper of a red head..The nurse was like WOW he gets mad. I was like tell me about it. It is not very often he acts like that..but it is normally around bath time. HE HATES BATH TIME. But we still have to watch his belly button so we can not get him fully wet yet. So cant wait for this belly button thing to be over so I can get him in the bath tub. I think he will like that much better.

Well my little man is five weeks old today..unbelievable my time off work is now half over. I am sad to go back for various I will not be able to spend as much time with him, two I will miss him tremendously and finally it cost a freakin lot of dough to put him in child care.

Wes and I need to get a new vehicle so Karen may buy my car now. It makes me sad cuz it is almost paid off and if we get a new one we are going to be starting over again. BUT my little car is just too small for a family and if we decided to have another child down the road we are going to need a bigger car. We are thinking a small SUV one that is good on gas. There are a couple that are good on gas and they are the RAV 4 Toyota and the Forester by Subaru. They both have the same size engine as my car now..which is pretty wimpy but that saves you bucks on the gas issue and as much as I will be driving that is what is important.

Well enough said for now..

PS Right now my two men are sleeping on the couch..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

my old description and new added..chaning it now but wanted to remember this one

I am 29 years old and pregnant with my first child. We started kinda late, but Wes and I seem to do that with a lot of things. Now everything is happening all at once. We bought a house in 12/2005, we got married 12/2006, and were gonna have a baby in 04/2007. I love Wes so much, we have been through a lot together and I know now that he is the one and only true love that I could ever have. Other than spending time with my husband and cute little dog, I like to spend time with my friends. All of our lives are so crazy, but no matter the amount of time that goes by it never seems like a moment has passed once we get together. I dream of having a job that I love one day, and being a good mother. I also wish that people would not be mean to animals or one another and I wish I could talk everyone I know into recycling and taking care of our environment. We only get one chance at this world and I want it to be the best it can be for my little one. I am a vegetarian, with the exception of eating fish now and again.
I love all things beautiful. I believe in God and know that he works wonders in my life every moment of every day.

We had our little baby on 3/22/2007, he came early because I had high blood pressure. I had a water birth with no pain killers. I feel especially connected to Wes, my friend Karen and my midwife Sheri for being there for me when my son was born. I needed a lot of moral support because, frankly, it was the most painful experience of my life. But the BEST!! I did not know what to expect and I screamed and cried and grunted the kid out but I would not have changed the experience. If we have another one I now know what to I understand now why everyone says there is nothing like the first..its true. I fear that I would not be able to love another child as much as Owen..but I know its not true..Of course O will always have a special place in my heart..forever and ever.

Gaurd Dog

What a great day

In the sheltered simplicity of the first days after a baby is born, one sees again the magical closed circle. The miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other.
-- Anne Morrow Lindberg

Today was beautiful. It was 82 degrees outside. Wes and I walked Owen and the dog. Owen just fell asleep of course..since that is what he does best. Then we took him to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Hoogenboom. I think it made them very happy to see him. They of course thinks he looks like Wes. He does a lot. I have a picture of Tim and Kelly holding Wes at one month and you would think it was Owen. He is getting so big. It blows my mind that he is going on Five weeks old this week. How can that be. I swear I just called work telling them I was going to the hospital to have him..time flies. I have one more entire month off work and then back to work in June. How sad is that. I was wanting to go back at first but now I just want to stay home with him. He is getting to the point that when he gets tired of everyone else he wants me. I love it!! He is gonna be moms little man. He was screaming like mad today though..I think it was because he was super tired. I fed him and laid him down and he was out like a light and he is still sleeping. I think I will wake him soon cuz I really do not want him to be up all night. And I really do not want to go driving him around at 3am in the morning like we did last night. I was so tired. I have to admit that I fell right asleep too for a little while.

Well not much else is going on here..just not looking forward to Wes' work schedule this week. He is back to working split shift and will be home only in the afternoon for four hours. I hate that. I need him home at night. At least his mom will be here so that will help a lot. Maybe I can go up to Walgreen's or CVS for a minute to get away..I swear when I was pregnant I lived at Walgreen's because I had to keep getting prescriptions for one thing or another..or just plain ole prenatals. OK enough..


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Baby Bunnies

Today Wes and I went to Mishawaka with Owen. I bought my friends Julia and Amanda gifts for their baby shower next weekend. I made these cute little baskets full of fun things. I can't wait to give them to them. I think I should start making baskets like these and selling them on ebay. I may be able to make some money. It may be worth a shot to try and sell one. I could then take orders and do theme baskets too. Anyways we spent five hours at his work and then we went to Chipolte..yum yum. I could not get any beans on my burrito though..that was sad. I am trying to cut out things that make me gassy so I don't aid in Owens gas issues.

So the baby bunnies. Wes was mowing and all of a sudden out of a large grass patch in the front yard four baby bunnies ran in all directions. So Wes came to show me..and I was like we need to get them back to there nest. SOOOOO I put Owen in his swing and we chased around three bunnies until we got them all back into the nest took off across the street and we lost him. We did look though. One fell down in the basement window hole and I had to scoop him up with a dust pan and then one was smart enough to run right back to where it belonged. The third one ran right into the garage and we finally trapped it and tricked it into hopping into a box and we dropped it back in the nest. It was fun. Owen of course was not happy with me when I came back in..but he got over it. He told me about it for a while and I sang him a few songs and he forgave me. Seriously I was only out there for about five min. tops and randomly checked on O the whole time. So I did not leave him in the house alone the entire time. I am not that crazy..

So Wes mowed the yard and it looks great. It is so nice to have this warm weather. I am loving it. We have been driving Owen around at night to get him to go to sleep. It works pretty good. So right now he is still sitting in his car seat cooing. Its really cute. After I eat I am going to try and put him in his bassinet.

The poor kid is still really gassy. The ask a nurse that I called the other day crying like a big baby to (yes I was literally crying) said to give him the gas drops before he eats. So that is what we have been doing. It works a little but not a whole lot. I think it is a phase that were just going to have to get through. I am going to see my midwife Sheri (she is the one who delivered Owen) not this coming Monday but the next one. I am going to ask her if she knows any natural ways I can try and get him to be less gassy. I am sure she will say my diet is a huge part of it. But she may know of an herb I can take or one that would be safe for me to give him. That would be great..I hate giving him these gas drops non stop. But right now they are my only option. Speaking of gas drops Sasha found his and chewed the bottle up. Thank god she did not get it open or break through it..those things are expensive. Even at Target they are like 7 dollars a bottle. Poor Sasha she is so bored. It is hard for me to find the time to walk her right now. She loves to bark at other dogs a it sucks to walk her when I am walking Owen. So she has been chewing on everything. It will be great when he is old enough to play with her.

Baby has the hiccups and he is getting mad..better go tend to him.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Four weeks Today

Just realized that O is a month today. WOW!!! Time is going by fast already. I cant believe it has been a month since he was born. Where does it go? Before I know it I will be back to work and he will be three months old. Its kinda sad when you think about how fast they grow..and how fast time goes by. I guess we just have to be thankful that we have the time we have with them.

Cant wait for music class tomorrow. It will be nice to get out of the house.

Gassy baby

My poor little O. He has had gas for the past week. It must have been something I ate. It was pretty funny though. Earlier I was feeding him and he grunted really really loud, kicked out his leg and

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Up all night

My poor little guy has a large amount of gas and it appears that he is always pushing and then he gets so mad cuz it wont come out. I can feel it rumbling in his belly. It makes me sad for him. I have gave him some anti gas medication, it seems to work temporarily. He was up all night the night before last and up off and on last night. He also cried for like three hours last night. Talk about draining. Finally I swaddled him and he fell right to sleep.

Wes and I did manage to go to Kohl's yesterday. I got him some cute little summer outfits. He is going to look so cute. I also bought a few things for my friends who are going to have babies soon.

I got a shower today. Kelly is here and she watched him. She also let me run down to the cafe to get a decaf coffee. It was great. Its nice to get out of the house even if its for a few min. I would not mind taking him if it were warmer out. So soon he will be able to go with me. But at this rate by the time it gets warm he is going to be going to daycare and I am going to have to return to work. How far and yet how close June seems.

Well I am not mad at Wes anymore. I got over it. When Owen gets older I will be the one who gets to go out while he stays home with I know it will all work out.

not much else to talk about..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feelings Hurt

Well Wes is off to play drums. I agreed for him to go cuz he told me he is BORED..What the HELL. It pisses me off and hurts my feelings all in one. How can he be bored..he is not the one who is home all week taking care of an infant..he gets to go to work. He is not the one who is up all the time through out the night..or falls asleep when watching a movie because he is so exhausted...oh and all day when I was cleaning the house and doing laundry in between feedings and naps he was the one on the computer..I was lucky to get a shower in today and it was cut short because Owen woke up. AND HE IS BORED!!! I asked him today how he like being a father and he said it is OK..well perhaps if he got more involved it would be better than ok. I think I am MAD right now. And that makes me happy that he is not here. OH and how nice to be able to go get out some pent up energy..yep wish I could go hang with my friends and drink some beers..that does sound really great!!! I have not been able to really do that for almost a year..and he is BORED!! Real poor choice of words to use there Wes. Glad your son and I are boring to you..

Boy am I tired

OK the lack of sleep has def caught up with me. My eyes are so tired they are going blurry on me..and well since I only have one good eye anyway its kinda stressful..Yes I have a lazy eye. It sucks cuz I really can not see out of it..I can but cant get good vision and it is not correctable with is correctable by the age of 12 years old if you get to a good eye doctor in time. So needless to say if Owen inherits this horrid curse he will get it fixed. He will have to wear a patch over his good eye to force the bad one to work..but it will be worth will save him a lot of eye strain in the future..Hopefully though he will get his dads eyesight which is 20/20 and we will not have to worry about it. I am hoping one day they will be able to come up with some sort of laser surgery to fix it..I will def get it done.

I get some sleep through the night but it is never straight through. He wakes up pretty regularly at 1 am, 3am then 6am wanting food and a diaper change. I know it wont last forever but I have to admit I am looking forward to the day that he sleeps through the night..even if it is just half way through the night.

My friend Karen came up to stay with us this past weekend. She went to Owen's music class with us and then I showed her my cubical at work. Then we all went to eat with Stacy for lunch. It was great having her here. I miss her so much when she is gone. She is one of my bestest friends ever.

Speaking of music class it was a blast. It is on Fridays and for a half an hour. The teachers name is Paulina and she is so great. She has a beautiful singing voice and she plays various instruments. I think I am going to keep Owen in it long going. Its only 54 dollars every six weeks. But I think it will really help him develop musically and well in other aspects too. Plus it is on Fridays and I am off work on Friday's so it will give us something productive to do together instead of just sitting around the house all day.

Everyone at work was glad to see Owen. It is funny we were all talking and I love this mommy thing..which is strange because I very vocally use to say that I did NOT want children. I am not sure why but I just didn't. Them my friend Stacy at work got pregnant and I kinda went through it with her and realized that it looked fun. So I decided that I did want a kid. Now I was talking to my co workers about having another one down the road...and they all were like this is so great..we cant believe this is you all thin O looks like a doll. But they have only seem him when he is sleeping when he is very angelic..just wait until he

My dog is so protective over Owen. It is adorable. She has to get up beside him when he is sleeping. It really is sweet. I was so worried about her being jealous but she is not. She gets her time in with me when Grandma Murphy is here taking care of Owen or when Wes has him. Its pretty cute. We got her hair cut really short for summer. She looks like she feels so much better getting all that ole hair off here.

Well I need to watch some of the Sopranos..which is a GREAT show. So we can get this netflix returned. Plus I got to get some laundry done..and well fast cuz when he wakes he is going to be hungry and possibly fussy. This is normally his fussy time of day....but sometimes he waits until a little later to get fussy we will falls between five and nine pm..then we give him a bath and out he goes. I think he just needs to wear himself out cuz he knows night time is coming soon. He was up A LOT today so he may be pretty tired tonight even though he is sleeping now.

My mom and little brother also came over yesterday to see baby. Of course he was either sleeping or being a bit fussy..LOL..I guess that is pretty much all they can do right now so what can ya expect..its eat, sleep, fuss, and potty..

well signing off for now...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three Weeks Old

My little man is three weeks old today. It just blows my mind that he has been with us for almost a month now..well I suppose that he was with us for a long time before that, but outside of the womb for three weeks now...

He is getting bigger, he eats like a horse..and belches like one too. I suppose that will only get louder with time and I am sure he will eventually find it pretty funny. I have to admit we will more than likely encourage

My friend Julie came to see me yesterday. Well I suppose see Owen too..We have been friends for about 20 years. Now that makes me feel old. My friend Karen is coming tomorrow and is going to go to Owens first music class with me. It should be fun. I talked to the teacher yesterday on the phone to confirm his enrollment. She seems to be really nice and is super excited to have such a youngster in her class. She said there is also another little girl in the class who is three weeks old. So that should be fun.

Owen is so funny. He will not sleep unless he is right up next to me. I think that it is a good thing, he wakes me up really quick that way when he needs to eat or get a diaper change. He actually took a bottle yesterday for Wes' mom. I had some crazy mixed feelings about made me happy cuz I know that I can get a break , but it made me sad cuz he is now old enough to take the bottle. I know he is still a little guy, but time is just going by so fast it worries me a little. Before I know it he will be starting school..I am just going to enjoy every second of him.

Not much too exciting has been going on. Just same ole same ole. I am kinda getting cabin fever, its been so cold I have not been able to really get out of the house and just take a nice long walk. I am really looking forward to warm weather. It has been hard for me to just hang around the house all day. I am use to working 40 hours a week and well driving back and forth to South Bend to work. So it has been strange to just be home.

My back has been KILLING me. I am going to have to go to the chiropractor often for a while. That is one thing I miss about being pregnant I did not have to go to the chiropractor as much..strange enough my back did not hurt when I was pregnant.

Well my little man is grunting in his sleep. I better get over there by him before he wakes. I want to watch an episode of Sapranos. Gotta love the Netflix...the HBO shows rock.

More later


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Owens apointment

Owen has gained a pound and grew an inch in two weeks. The doctor said that is great. He has some bumps on his neck and face but the doctor said this is normal and will go away around three months. We also asked about his belly button and the doctor put some strange stick thing on it and it kinda burned it a little bit and now his belly button looks great. We then asked about his diaper rash, which is horrid. Poor little guy has blisters on his butt (he just poops all the time), but the doc gave me a formula for a super butt paste which as Lotrimin, mylanta and a and d ointment in it. Strange as it sounds it seems to be working. He also has become a bit fussy and the doctor said this is normal for babies to do. Its kinda like growing pains. He also said it would be ok for us to give him the pacifier now. Which he kinda likes and kinda does not like. It just depends on his mood. I think that is about all we covered at the doctor office. Now he will not go back until he is nine weeks old. I think we will start getting him his shots at that time. I have been up in arms about getting the shots or not but I think since I have to put him in daycare they require him getting his shots. I suppose most kids get them and they all turn out ok. I just hate to expose his little body to all that at such a young age. I think I am going to pass on the Hep B shot though until he is a little bit older.

My insurance rocks, I got the billings for the hospital and the midwife fee. Grand total of approx 12000.00 to have my little man..I paid ZERO!! Got to love that. I suppose there are some true perks to working for the government. Not to mention I get eleven weeks off work to care for him. I could have had 12 or even more but I think I will be ready to get back into a routine. Hopefully he will get into one around that time. Right now I spoil him silly and let him sleep with me. He sleeps better when he sleeps by me. I guess its my warmth. But here soon I want to get him use to sleeping in his bassinet. Then we will move up to the crib when he is a bit older. I hate the scare of SIDS but I know it is important to keep people informed about it, but I think they put the fear of god in you too about it. My Bradley Method Teacher said that babies that sleep with their parents tend to be less likely to die of SIDS because they imitate your breathing patterns. Also, his doctor said that sucking on the pacifier also reduces the risk of dying of SIDS. So I think that we are doing what we can do to prevent it. PLUS he is not around any smoke and will not be around it either.

He is so funny, he likes to grunt and coo in his sleep. I have a feeling he is going to be a talker when he gets older. Which is a good thing, hopefully I can get him to read at an early age and we can read tons of books together.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

2 Weeks Today

I cant believe it my little boy is now two weeks old. Where has the time gone. Wes will be going back to work soon. that is going to be hard. But I am sure I can do it. He mostly just eats, sleeps and cries right now..oh and goes to the bathroom. Today his his two weeks doctor appointment. I have a list of questions to ask the doctor. YIPPIE!!! I dont think I am having the baby blues any longer. Just a bit of boredom sadness. Kinda missing work, as strange as that sounds. As for my body I seem to be healing well. My tingle in my leg is coming back, but it seems to come and go. The midwife said it would be normal and may take a while to get over. Plus I have not been to the Chiropractor for a long time now. Will write more about Owen after his appointment. Let ya know how much he weighs now. I think he is up in to the 8 Ib mark, we shall see soon.

My flowers were all blooming and now they are dead cuz old mother nature had to send some snow in our direction. Its coming down pretty good today. It is actually sticking to the ground too. BUMMER. At least its not sticking to the street.

Good news, Wes will be on days for a while and working in Elkhart so maybe he can come home for lunch and see us. I think that would help my days go better. Plus Owens music class will be starting next weekend and Karen is coming to come and visit us and go with us. That will be fun. Hopefully the weather is back to normal.

Owen and Wes are sleeping right now. It is so cute. Owen sleeps with us half the night. He seems to sleep better when he is curled up to one of us. He is so cute. When he sleeps he grunts and coos. Its is so funny. I have a feeling he is gonna be a talker when he gets older. Well I better get him up and fed and hopefully back to sleep before we go to the I have time to get ready..

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Baby Blues

I have now officially been home with my son for a week. It is crazy. I cant believe how fast time has flown by already. He is doing pretty good. Not too fussy. Right now the poor little guy has a blocked up tear duct and he keeps getting super goopey eyes. I feel so bad for him. He is eating like a champ though and sleeps a lot. He is pretty good at night. Just gets up a few times. I am proud.

I have had some of the baby blues. I miss being pregnant. I really enjoyed it. I liked to go to the doctor appointments..well with the midwifes. It was comforting. Now I feel like I am alone in this...even though I know I have Wes and he has been very helpful. I also feel like I have lost my friends..the midwifes and I will miss seeing them regularly. Sounds so strange. But I am getting better. I have excepted the fact that it was best for me and my baby to have gone early. It is not good to have such high blood pressure. Plus he may have been a huge baby if we left him in there much We have been getting visits from my friends and family and that also helps with the baby blues. Wes' mom has been staying with us during the week and that is VERY helpful. I can get some rest. But I have realized I nap when Owen naps. Its a good thing..

He is developing so fast already. His features are really starting to become more detailed and he is getting eye lashes. He looks like a little doll face when he is not scrunching it all

Well will write more later..need to rest before Wes gets back with some food.