Thursday, April 5, 2007

2 Weeks Today

I cant believe it my little boy is now two weeks old. Where has the time gone. Wes will be going back to work soon. that is going to be hard. But I am sure I can do it. He mostly just eats, sleeps and cries right now..oh and goes to the bathroom. Today his his two weeks doctor appointment. I have a list of questions to ask the doctor. YIPPIE!!! I dont think I am having the baby blues any longer. Just a bit of boredom sadness. Kinda missing work, as strange as that sounds. As for my body I seem to be healing well. My tingle in my leg is coming back, but it seems to come and go. The midwife said it would be normal and may take a while to get over. Plus I have not been to the Chiropractor for a long time now. Will write more about Owen after his appointment. Let ya know how much he weighs now. I think he is up in to the 8 Ib mark, we shall see soon.

My flowers were all blooming and now they are dead cuz old mother nature had to send some snow in our direction. Its coming down pretty good today. It is actually sticking to the ground too. BUMMER. At least its not sticking to the street.

Good news, Wes will be on days for a while and working in Elkhart so maybe he can come home for lunch and see us. I think that would help my days go better. Plus Owens music class will be starting next weekend and Karen is coming to come and visit us and go with us. That will be fun. Hopefully the weather is back to normal.

Owen and Wes are sleeping right now. It is so cute. Owen sleeps with us half the night. He seems to sleep better when he is curled up to one of us. He is so cute. When he sleeps he grunts and coos. Its is so funny. I have a feeling he is gonna be a talker when he gets older. Well I better get him up and fed and hopefully back to sleep before we go to the I have time to get ready..

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