Sunday, April 1, 2007

Baby Blues

I have now officially been home with my son for a week. It is crazy. I cant believe how fast time has flown by already. He is doing pretty good. Not too fussy. Right now the poor little guy has a blocked up tear duct and he keeps getting super goopey eyes. I feel so bad for him. He is eating like a champ though and sleeps a lot. He is pretty good at night. Just gets up a few times. I am proud.

I have had some of the baby blues. I miss being pregnant. I really enjoyed it. I liked to go to the doctor appointments..well with the midwifes. It was comforting. Now I feel like I am alone in this...even though I know I have Wes and he has been very helpful. I also feel like I have lost my friends..the midwifes and I will miss seeing them regularly. Sounds so strange. But I am getting better. I have excepted the fact that it was best for me and my baby to have gone early. It is not good to have such high blood pressure. Plus he may have been a huge baby if we left him in there much We have been getting visits from my friends and family and that also helps with the baby blues. Wes' mom has been staying with us during the week and that is VERY helpful. I can get some rest. But I have realized I nap when Owen naps. Its a good thing..

He is developing so fast already. His features are really starting to become more detailed and he is getting eye lashes. He looks like a little doll face when he is not scrunching it all

Well will write more later..need to rest before Wes gets back with some food.

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