Friday, July 30, 2010


Well its been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time since I have blogged. I am now a mom of two boys. Silas was born on 6/3/2010 at St. Joseph Regional Hospital. It was also a water birth, like Owen was. I went into labor around 1 am and then progressed quit rapidly, so by 5 am I was having contractions about every three minutes apart. I could not believe that I was in labor but Wes knew I was so he took me to the hospital about 7 am and Owen went to daycare. We walked around the hospital and ate some breakfast and at 9 I had him take me to the Midwives office. She checked me and I was 80% effaced. She had us go back to the hospital I checked in and at 11 am Si was born. We named him Silas Atom he was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. He was such a good baby at the hospital and still is super good. I had to be on bed rest two weeks prior to Silas' birth so I am already about to go back to work. I have been off 10 weeks already and loving every single minute of hoo for going back. If only money did grow on trees. He has already been to the fair, and the zoo. He really does not care much for the car seat but loves his stuffed animals..will coo and smile at them for a while. Owen is a great big brother, a little reckless at times. For example: today he threw a really hard pokemon ball at the couch and it smacked Silas right in the head..lets just say Silas did not like that one bit. SI will be going to Growing Kids..sad thing is Trisha is leaving so I am currently looking for a private care provider. Owen is at Montessori and is loving it and doing really well. Im so proud of Owen.