Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Doing good

Well Sasha is doing really well. Which is wonderful. I have to make sure the neighbors dog is updated on his shots for our vet. They said if he was not current then Sasha has to be quarantined. What ever that means?? She has had all her shots so she should be fine.

Went to my final counseling meeting today. It went well. I told her I was going to miss her. She wants me to stop in with Owen. Since I talked about him a lot. She was a HUGE help for me.

I am doing much better with returning to work. My anxiety is under control. I still feel really anxious some times but with my counselors advice I am able to remind myself that it shall pass. Then I can get myself refocused.

Met Kelly today at the mall. Got Owen a few cute outfits for Fall. Can you believe fall is right around the corner..holy cow. I just realized today that summer is almost over..We enter a whole new month tomorrow. WOW..I think this year has gone by faster than any year of my life so far. I can not believe that Wes and I have been married for almost eight months now. WOW!!! Where does the time go...seriously.

Well not much else is going on...glad Sasha is doing well. I have my first bodyshop party on Sat. at Tara's..then Heather is going to have one too on the 19th so I think I am going to meet my quota and hopefully I will be able to book more parties.

Well not much else going on

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visit with Great Grandma Gardner at Grandma Gullens House

Went to visit my grandma, Owens great grandma today. It was a lot of fun.

Our big day at the zoo

We went to the zoo today in South Bend. It was so much fun. We wore Owen out..he zonked out before we even got out of the zoo. We want to make it a tradition to go to the zoo. Next year we may get a pass so we can go on Sundays after church and walk around. Feed the fish and teach Owen to respect nature and animals. We had a lot of fun as a family. I loved it!!!! There are more pictures on my Flickr so if you want to see more just go there..

Friday, July 27, 2007

What to do?

Well it is now 12:41 am and I just got Owen to bed. We had a horrid ordeal today. Our neighbors huge 80 pound dog decided to get out of his house and he came up behind Sasha (our little 20 pound dog) and picked her up by the neck. Wes got on the dog to get him off her. Finally got her released as the neighbor was coming over to our yard. Sasha was yipping so loud. It was so sad. We took her to the emergency vet in South Bend..they had to do surgery on her neck and put a drain in where the stupid ass dog ripped two holes in her neck. Yeah..what if that was Owen. Seriously I was and am so pissed. The clinic told me to call the Elkhart Human Society and file a bite report. And we are def getting a fence now. So for a week we have to clean out Sasahas wounds and keep it clean and dry. Give her three different types of medication. The bill was 250.00 dollars from there..which the neighbor said he would pay. It will end up costing more because we have to then take her to our vet to get the drain removed..and they will have to do what they need to do to her. I feel so bad for her. Wes luckily was out there and saved her life. I honestly think that dog needs to be put down..the neighbor said that is why he does not take the dog out because it does things like that. HUMMM..good indicator that it may need to be destroyed.

Oh and to make things even more interesting I was yelling at the neighbor in my blue undies and a tank top..he was doing all he could to avoid looking at me..lol..yes I did not care I put Owen in a safe place and ran out there in my underwear....hahahahahaha...

Cracking up

When I went to pick up Owen today it was great!!! Tara said he did really really good and he was happy most of the day and easy to calm down. I think he is getting use to being there again. I wish he would eat more though. Its a long day for him to go and only take about 2 oz of food. But I am sure he makes up for it at night. He is going to have reverse nursing:)

Anywho, when we were getting ready to leave Daymon was kicking around a punching bag with his foot and Owen was seriously cracking up at it. It was so cute. I was laughing so hard I had tears welding up in my eyes. I think it was also because it was so freaking adorable. Tara took some pictures so I will post them on here once she gets them online.

Tara and I are going to start an online store. We are going to start working on it this weekend. I can not wait to get started and it will be super fun to go to the garage sales and salvation army to get stuff to put online. I am so excited.

My arm and neck are killing me from being on the computer so much..so think I will get off here..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Amandas Baby

Amanda named her son Wyatt and he has dark black hair and blue eyes. What a cutie! Cant wait to get a picture with him and Owen together.

Saw a humming bird today outside my window..

Went to pick up Owen today after work and it was raining when we left Tara's house. As I was running with Owen to the car he had his arms sticking straight out and his legs lifted up into his belly and he was SCREAMING..it was so funny and cute all at the same time. It cracked me up. I had to reassure him once I had him in the car that he was ok...cuz he was screaming bloody murder..lol. He calmed down pretty quick though with mommies kisses...

Worked sucked..but when dosent it. I seriously am thinking I want a new job...I may start working on that this weekend. Tara and I are going to open an online store that will be cool.

Not much else happening..

Monday, July 23, 2007


Well I did a lot questioning about the shots and got a lot of different answers but I did it. I went ahead and got him his four month shots. It makes me feel better that there is no more mercury in the shots. I do feel more at ease. That is what was being linked to the Autism. But I could never forgive myself if Owen got something deadly because I did not get him the shots. It was a tough decision.

Amanda had a baby boy today. Which is pretty cool it is four months and one day after Owen was born. I will be able to remember that easily. She went all natural also. I am so proud of her. I knew she could do it. We think a lot a like so I knew she would be able to get through it. They have not picked a name out yet. I can not wait to meet little Coshow. It will be so exciting to see a new little baby. It seems like forever ago that Owen was so little.

Speaking of Owen he is my big big boy. He ranks up there on the charts. He is in the 95 percentile for weight and 97 percentile for height. He is 26 inches long and 19 1/2 pounds at four months old. The doctor seems to think he is in pretty good health and pretty advanced on his physical skills. Like he likes to stand up, with me holding on to his fingers of course. Its pretty cool.

Well I do not think much else is happening. Will post more soon.

PS work was not too bad. I think I can do it!! They are def. taking it easy on me which helps a bunch.

Fair Pictures

We went to the fair on 07/22/2007. It was the second time Owen went to the fair. The first time he was just about two weeks conceived..lol..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Me and Owen sleeping together

New Car Seat

We had to go buy Owen a new car seat today. He is getting too big for his old one and I did not want to take any chances. We got a 3 in one car seat from Babies R Us. Wes is trying to get it in the car as we speak. Not sure he is having a good time of it.

Owen has been a fussy bug all day. I think its his teeth and tummy. I think his teeth hurt from teething and I think he is upset to his belly. Not sure what I ate but boy o boy has he had some major gas lately. Poor little man.

Today I joined Cafe Mom its a live chat room. It is pretty cool. I like it. It is a lot like myspace but there is just a bunch of mommys on there.

Still have my sinus headache. Took some pain killers for it..working a little bit. Got a massage and that helped a little too.

Think its my nerves too..going back to the old work place on Monday. Good thing its just for a few hours, that way I know that I can handle it.

Up at 4am

Well Owen and I have been up since 4am now it is 4:28 am. He had a upset belly and was twisting and turning all night. So I got up with him and got him passing gas by doing the bicycle legs. Now he is just not ready to go back to sleep, I had a feeling that is what was going to happen but I could not let him just twist and turn in pain. It made me sad. I tell ya what for such a small kid he sure has a lot of gas, LOL.

He has been doing something funny with his little tongue on his bottom lip. It makes me wonder if he is starting to teeth down there too. He is sitting in his Jumperoo right now and made it make noise on his own and he looked at me so proud. It was too cute. He is playing with all the little toys on it making them work. It just amazes me. The first time I put him in his jumperoo he was so small he got stuck in there and it was hard to get him out. Now he fits perfect and jumps around and plays with the toys and gets the music going on it. WAY COOL!!!

I had the worse headache yesterday and it progressively got worse through out the day. I actually woke up with it. Then by 7pm it was so bad I threw up. I had Wes make me some soup and then I went to bed. Thank God I have such a wonderful man. He took care of Owen until he was ready to go to sleep. So when Owen was ready and was yelling for me I had him bring him in the room. I nursed him and about five minutes later he was OUT!! Now that was at 8 pm so I guess Owen has had about 8 hours of sleep. It wont take him long to get tired again and want to go back to bed.

The last few nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night starving. I am not sure why this is happening. Owen must be eating a lot more and its making me want to eat. I am maintaining my weight at about 180 right now. I was 172 when I got pregnant. So I am not far off from my original weight. I think I have been eating too much sugar lately too. That always makes me feel hungry too.

Well Owen is starting to get fussy. Hopefully that means he is ready to go back to sleep. He is also yawning.

Sunday were gonna go to the fair..looking forward to that. And tomorrow maybe get him a big boy car seat. He is about to out grow his.

Oh and I forgot to go to the La Leche meeting on Thursday..It just totally went out of my mind. I kept thinking I was forgetting something. Well that was it..LOL. Next month.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Owen rolled OVER!!

Went to see Kristin today and actually got to see her. Which is so cool. I was hoping I would get to see her. The new nurse practitioner is great but not Kristin. But I am going to go back on Monday three days a week half days, for two weeks. Then I am going to go back five days half days for one week and then I am going to go back to my normal hours. After I saw Kristin I took Owen to the Office to see everyone and talk to Sue and Steve. They were really understanding. I am going to go to work from 9am to 1pm and just do RIBS. So it should not be too bad. Everyone at work was pretty happy to see me and Owen. But Owen def. got most of the attention. Afterwards, we went to Tara's house and took the kids for a walk. It was fun. Work would be a breeze if I could have Owen there with me all day.

But got home chilled out with him and played with him. Saw him roll from his belly to his back. It was pretty cool. Gotta love seeing progress.

Got my back massager today. Can not wait to use it. Also got a wrong order today. Was suppose to get a book and instead got a movie. Im kinda ticked about it. I want my book!! It is one I need to read to qualify for Doula.

Not much else has been happening. Owen is spitting a lot. I think its because of his tooth.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well here we go....

I went to talk to my counselor today. She told me to look at my job as a choice. For example: If I do not like it there and it does not work out I can always leave and that should make it easier on me to be there. She also told me to think of the lump in my throat as an ice cube slowly melting away and breathe deep long breaths. She is so nice. I am going to hate not going to talk to her. It is so nice to talk to her..she is so nice. I showed up on the wrong day too. She actually had me scheduled to show up on Monday at 2 and I came in today. She saw me anyway. I did reassure her that it was my fault after I looked in my purse and found the reminder card, showing the appointment for Monday. She said she has been having a lot of patients do that to her. LOL. I told her it must be the sun getting to our heads. I was telling her some of the things that Owen does and she said that he is going to be super smart. I think so too..I think he is going to be my little spit fire.

Well I go to the Midwife tomorrow to talk about what I am going to do about work. I think I am going to give it a shot again and see how it works out. I think I can do it. I just need to relax. I may need to slowly work my way back in and not jump in with both feet. I think that would be best for me. I am now a changed woman not the old go getter Julie that I use to be..at least work wise. Now I am a go getter mommy and I like this job the best. Like every one says baby and mommy are first everything else is secondary.

Wes and I watched "The Science of Sleep" last night. It was a really cool movie. It had a lot of strange animations in it. In the movie the main characters dreams were his reality. It was strange. I really liked it though.

I am selling the Body Shop products and have a few takers on a party. I am so excited. I hope I do good and I hope I can book some more parties.

Well today is bath time.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Body Shop

Well my new endeavor in life is trying to sell Body Shop products. It is a great product that I personally use myself..thanks to Amanda. I liked the product so much myself that I thought I would give it a shot in selling it. But I have not had much luck. So if anyone reads this and would like to have a party..let me know. We could also do a book party where you just take the sales book to work with ya and try to make sales. The great thing is there is free stuff involved for you if you make sales.

Anyway, not much else happening. I can not get rid of this lump in my throat and I am debating BIG time to see if I can go down to three days a week at work. That is another reason I would like to start selling this product.

Owen is doing great. He has a nice saliva rash on his chin from all his drooling. I try to keep it wiped off his face but as soon as I wipe it off there is just more drool. Right now I have him in one of the garage sale shirts I bought him and it is so cute. It has little marshans on it. He is just cracking up at me...and yelling. He is tired still. He woke up having a big number 2 in his diaper sooner than I think he wanted too. He is still chewing on his fingers a lot.

Well I go talk to my midwife on the 18th about returning to work..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Im a sell out..

So Owen and I did not go to Tara and Darins house. Sorry Tara if your reading this..but Wes farted around talking to some kid from Bulgaria who is here in America on an internship. He is working buy selling books..kids books too. How nice is that. He got us for 95 dollars for six books. But they are really cool books. I like them a lot and they will help Owen learn. That is all that matters. Owen then woke me up after Wes left to go to Taras, because he had to poop. LOL. Now he is in his jumparoo and yawning. So I think I am going to try and put him back down..


I really wanted today to be all about relaxing..

I really wanted today to be all about relaxing but it has not worked out that way. Instead we had to rush off for me to get a massage. Then after that we went to the music store and to get some CHINA HOUSE (which I had been craving since I went into labor, that was were I was going to go eat the day I got induced for lunch..lol)..had me some greenbeans with fried tofu..yummy!! Then we went on the MOST stressful trip to Target that I have ever been on. People were constantly flocking around us..no chance to look at things. Then when we left there we finally came home and I got to take a super hot bath..which rocked. And in a few were gonna head over to Tara and Darin's house to hang out for a while. I swear we are go go go..I guess it is getting me prepared for the future of having boy...and hopefully a very active one that will keep me running and never ever bored.

This morning he awoke before we did and to get me awake he just screamed out really loud..not a cry..just a get my attention scream. It was so funny. I could not help but crack up cuz it really did get my attention..He will more than likely remember that little trick

Well gotta eat and off to Tara and Darins.

Owen and his pony

Grandma Gullen with Owen and her art work she did for him.

Love the Garage Sales

I went to Nappanee with Tara and her kids yesterday to go to garage sales. It was so much fun. But I am so sore today from walking around so much. My chest muscles hurt and I did not even know I had muscles there. Not to mention I carried Owen around off and on and he is getting so BIG and heavy. I got some really great clothing for Owen for dirt cheap. It is great. I got him a high chair for five dollars and some books for him and me and a picture frame and him a little pair of duck rain boots and a few toys for him for around forty dollars. I would say that I got him at least 30 or 40 articles of clothing too. Clothing such as baby gap, Disney, a Notre Dame outfit, and a bunch of other really nice brands. I am seriously never gonna buy new things again. From now on every summer we will do the yard sale thing for the winter articles too.

Owen is talking away to Sasha our dog. It is so cute. She is not responding but he just keeps trying. LOL.

Owen was pretty good when we went to the yard sales. He threw a FIT once when I was putting him back in his stroller. It was so funny and a little embarrassing. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. He did not want to go in the stroller. But mommy won of course cuz I did not want him in the sun too long. Even with sun tan lotion on. Sam gave him a little baseball hat that her son use to wear. It fits Owen perfect and is so cute. I will have to get a picture of him with it on. Its so fun to go in my friends houses and see Owens picture on their fridge. I love it.

Well going to get a massage today at 10 thank goodness. My back is killing me after yesterday. I need to start standing up straight. I think that would help a lot. Plus doing my yoga and swimming. Which I may go do today for a while. Even if its just for 15 minutes it would be nice to be in the pool.

Well signing off for now..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Never will I forget my baby Boy

Owen is doing great. He is getting so big and I think he is starting to cut a tooth or two. He is sucking on his bottom lip a lot and Tara said her kids did that before they got teeth.

He is getting so tall. He can actually touch the floor in his jumperoo now.

I am still working with him on sitting up and I started to read him Ralph Waldo Emersons stuff today and he seemed to like it. LOL. Im gonna make this kid smart as a whip.

Not much else is happening..I think he will be sitting up before we know it though.

Getting Ready for What??

OK there are a lot of things that I am getting ready for right now. I am getting ready to go back to work and be a working mom...Bummer. I am getting ready to motivate myself to get selling my Body Shop products. I am getting ready to attend meetings that will help me be a better parent. I am getting ready to have a Pampered Chef party. I am getting ready to..ummm..I am sure there is more but I can not think of it all right now.

Tonight I am going to attend my first meeting with the HMN. It is going to be at the Goshen Hospital this month. Which kinda stinks..its normally at the library and I feel like I would be more comfortable there. But I do not want to keep putting off going to the meetings. And next Thursday I am going to start going to the La Leche Meetings in Elkhart here. I am excited about that. I am going to take Owen to those. They are an hour earlier which will be better.

Not looking forward to the work return. But I am trying to get myself ready for it. I just enjoy being home with Owen so much. I love seeing him grow and I love that he counts on me 100 percent. I really hope they will transfer me. If not then I really need to start making some serious decisions. Like do I want to start looking for another job? Perhaps that is the answer. Or do I want to try and go down to three days a week instead of four? That may be an even better solution. I could always get a part time job on the weekend and Wes could watch Owen.

On August 11th I am hosting a Pampered Chef party. Looking forward to that. I think it will be fun. I hope people will come to it. I seem to not have much luck on that. I will ask a few people from work if they want to come too. Maybe I will set up my Body Shop products at this party to get Things started. I am going to invite my neighbor to the Pampered Chef party too. Her name is Teddy and she is super nice. Just an out loud thought to myself so I do not forget to do it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The lump is back??

Well the lump in my throat is back again. Why?? I honestly do not know. It seems to come and go. I did forget to take my meds for about four days and just started back on them again. So we will see if that helps. I am so glad that it is actually going to rain. I better get off here though. I see lightening.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

First pool experience.

Well we did not go

We decided not to go to Fernwood this weekend. It was just too hot outside at 9 am. It was 77 degrees early this morning. Now its blazing out. I did not think it would be good for the baby to be outside in this weather for too long.

Friday, July 6, 2007

What to do?

Well we got Owen his first set of shots. But now do I want to keep getting them for him and do I have to since I started them already? It has been proven over and over that shots are linked to autism and possibly to ADHD and death. What sort of risk am I taking by giving him his shots? They are finding that Mercury is in these shots causing the child to be poisoned. Is it better to wait and give the shots when the child is older. I am going to do some serious research on this topic and continue to breast feed. I think that I am going to call an alternative doctor and ask if I have to keep giving the shots since I started them. And if I decided to wait to give him the rest of the shots what would be a good age to start them. Its so confusing. Why is the government allowing our children to get sick? OH YEAH, money. Lets see we can make lots of money off the shots (they are about 500 dollars a visit) and then we can continue to make money off the families who have autistic and adhd children. HUMMMMMMMM!!!! I am not saying that the shots are a bad idea..I am sure I got them when I was young..but allowing Mercury to be put in the shots is a terrible idea. What is better..shots or no shots?? I will continue to do my research all the way up to his four month appointment and then make a very informed decision. I want what is best for my son and I can assure you that is not death, adhd or autism.

Shots or no Shots that is the question?

A happy wife is a happy life.....

Well today was good. Owen and I cat napped all day. I just put him down for sleep at about 9 pm it took him about a half an hour to go to sleep and he is still cooing in there. Its so cute.

We had to take Sasha to the dog wash in Dunlap. It rocks. Five bucks cleans the mutt. She rolled in the dirt was was filthy. She was mad at me cuz I kept her locked up until Wes got home and we could go bathe her.

Owen cracked up a few times today once for me and once for Wes. It was so cute. I love it when he starts laughing like that. He has such a beautiful laugh.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go to Fernwood Park. It looks like a beautiful place to go and it is fairly cheap to get in. I can not wait to take Owen. Show him some beautiful flowers. I will be sure to post pictures right away.

I joined HMN today so I am forced to go to the meetings. I did it on purpose. I want to start going. I want to get mega educated so I can prepare to teach the Bradley Class. I would like to go to the Bradley training next year. I will then call the hospital to get in there to start teaching a class. I can not wait. It will be so much fun getting others ready for birth. HOW EXCITING.

Well not much else to talk about. Planted some flowers today. It felt pretty good to get them in the ground.


This seems like ages ago..haha..its has been three months I suppose

my big belly

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Fair Dinkum means being genuine

Fair Dinkum is an Australian expression that means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter. Well put. That is our philosophy toward our business, our people and the planet.

gDiapers is also about children. We are a flushable diaper company, after all. We love our kids, our employees' kids and of course, your kids. We love the planet too, which is why we started a company that is sensitive to the Earth. Because that’s what all our children will inherit.

Speaking of children, we have two and if there's one thing we understand, it is that their needs don't wait until the end of the workday. Up until the Industrial Revolution came along and separated parents and children, families always worked together. So, we encourage our working parents to bring their kids to work. We have an on-site child development center. If mom needs to nurse or wants some playtime with her baby, gDiapers is set up to accommodate her needs. If a child is sick, by all means, go home. We hope everyone feels better soon. If dad wants to see Jr. in the school talent show in the middle of the day, he has our blessing. In fact, we may come with him.

As a socially responsible company, we make sure our stakeholders are respected and treated fairly as well. We work with China Labour Watch to keep an eye on the mill we use to ensure workers are treated fairly and working conditions are constantly being improved. We care about everyone involved in our business. From the folks in Nanjing, China, to Portland, Oregon and everywhere in between.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. People, planet, profit = fair dinkum.
The Web site is posted to the right on my blog if your interested in getting these diapers.

Sing me a song...

Today I was changing Owen's diaper and I started singing the Dixie Chics song, "Take me Away" and Owen joined in. Of course it was coos and goos followed by some super cute smiles. It was one of the sweetest things ever. He gets more fun with each day that goes by. I swear I love this kid more than anything..he is remarkable!!

He was a dream today too. We went with Grandma Kelly all over Goshen. She took us out to eat at Old country Buffet and we went to Wally World..the evil shopping empire. I normally will not go there but we met a few of her clients there. Mary and Doug. They are both super sweet. I bought Owen a kiddie pool that Wes is gonna have to blow up. Poor guy its pretty big too. But I think it will be fun to sit Owen up in it. I know he will like it. And next year he will be able to sit up in it himself.

Right now he is sitting in his farm chair eating a chewing toy. Its pretty cute. All things go in the mouth now. I think he may be starting to teeth. He is a drool monster. And he gets really ticked off that he can not put things in his mouth like he would want to.

My Celebrity Look A Likes

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Its the 4th of July where are the fireworks??

I suppose people are letting them off like crazy..fireworks that is. Owen has been crying for the past half an hour. I think he is over stimulated to the extreme. He is just so mad he wont even sleep. Well I suppose I will have to try again here in a few. Wes is changing his diaper right now.

Doing laundry with some nuts. Sounds strange..it is. Just had to say that..but really I am using nuts instead of detergent. I hope it works.

OK for the 4th Wes and I went driving around getting me some flowers to plant and then we went to his company cookout. It was a lot of fun and the people he works with made me feel right at home. I had a good time.

Well kid is going NUTS..better try to get him to sleep.

Talking is the key to happiness...

I see why Tony Soprano liked to talk to a shrink, it really is helpful talking to someone who is a blank page..who has no opinion of you or your life. It really does help. Bottom line you figure things out on your own but it is helpful to be able to do that. For example: we talk a lot about what I am going to do when I go back to work and how it will affect me, and we came to the conclusion that if I dont like it then there are many other options out there..job wise. I may have to take a pay cut but change is good. Sounds simple I know..but it is not as simple as it sounds. Its hard to think about taking a step outside the box and finding a new job. Personally I think job changes are one of the hardest things to do in the entire world. Not that I love my job by any means but I know it and I have been there for almost five years and I am comfortable with it. But honestly right now and for the rest of my life I want to do what is best for me and my family. It is not all about me any longer. And just maybe when I go back I will find that is is best for me to stay working there..and train to be a doula/ Bradley teacher. I think it is so cool to hear peoples birthing stories and to actually be a part of that would rock. I think it is so cool that when women have their babies with out pain killers and it would be cool to teach the Bradley class to encourage it. It can be done..I did it..and Heather E. had three out of four with out pain killers..you ROCK HEATHER!!! I have to start attending the La Leche meetings and I want to join the HOLISTIC MOTHERS NETWORK too. That way when I do start teaching the Bradley Class I will have tons and tons of resources..not to mention the book that I have from attending the Bradley Class..I want to call my teacher Maureen to get advise about being a doula/Bradley teacher cuz that is what she did. I just love babies..I guess I always have. The feelings just disappeared until Owen was conceived and then they came back full force...lol.

Owen is doing great. He is getting better and better as the days go by. It is too cute. I love having a child. He is so amazing. I was telling my counselor that I was a bit of a germ a phobe. And that I do not like to use nasty public restrooms. She started laughing and said that might change when Owen gets older. I was like luckily God gave me a boy knowing my phobia and I will take him to the woods and tell him to pee on a tree..she started to crack up. Well gotta give Owen a bath.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Went to church today..

We went to church today with Tara, Darin and the kids. Met Heather and Nate there too. Jonna was also there. I was so excited to see her it has been years and years since I last saw her. It was refreshing for me to be at church though I know it stressed Wes out. He says that he is ok with going but I am not too sure..

Owen did good for most of the service..he barfed on me big time though. It was pretty gross..lol. Next week I think I am going to leave him in the nursery. I think that will be much better. Then I can actually listen to the service..this week it was mostly a worship service so mostly music playing and singing. Tiffany was also there. After the service we went to Hacienda with Nate and family. It was fun. I love Hacienda and have been craving it so it was great that it was suggested..which I forced that task upon Nate..lol.

We are going to go over to Tara and Darin's house so Wes can have band practice. I will more than likely chit chat with Tara out doors.

I want to work on my back garden this week. Hopefully since Wes will have the fourth off I can do it on that day..Maybe also take Owen out there in his stroller..that may work out for me too.

Well I must change and first scan some pictures for Tara..then head out..its already four o clock..amazing..the days go by too fast..

Max and Owen on mine and Heathers lap...

Both Max and Owen were born on 03/22/2007 but Max is four hours younger than Owen. They are so adorable..

Sasha scared to death of fireworks..

Sasha was scared to death of the fireworks and hopped into Owen's stroller. It was so funny.