Friday, July 6, 2007

A happy wife is a happy life.....

Well today was good. Owen and I cat napped all day. I just put him down for sleep at about 9 pm it took him about a half an hour to go to sleep and he is still cooing in there. Its so cute.

We had to take Sasha to the dog wash in Dunlap. It rocks. Five bucks cleans the mutt. She rolled in the dirt was was filthy. She was mad at me cuz I kept her locked up until Wes got home and we could go bathe her.

Owen cracked up a few times today once for me and once for Wes. It was so cute. I love it when he starts laughing like that. He has such a beautiful laugh.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go to Fernwood Park. It looks like a beautiful place to go and it is fairly cheap to get in. I can not wait to take Owen. Show him some beautiful flowers. I will be sure to post pictures right away.

I joined HMN today so I am forced to go to the meetings. I did it on purpose. I want to start going. I want to get mega educated so I can prepare to teach the Bradley Class. I would like to go to the Bradley training next year. I will then call the hospital to get in there to start teaching a class. I can not wait. It will be so much fun getting others ready for birth. HOW EXCITING.

Well not much else to talk about. Planted some flowers today. It felt pretty good to get them in the ground.


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