Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures 1 year

Today has been non stop, first I went to work for a few hours and then rushed home so we could take Owen to get his pictures taken. We used up our final "members perks" card and we are done with The Picture People. I am happy about it myself. I was not too happy with the results, mostly because the background looked really dirty. Owen was cute of course. Next professional photo will be in September and we are going to get a family photo, with Sasha, at a real studio. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully I can find a cute shirt for Owen that will match something Wes has. Wes got a few shirts at the mall, I got one and a pen and a creepy bobble head named milq (its like a zombie cow), and I got Owen a few 3T winter clothing. He is such a big boy, I am sure he will be wearing 3T at 2 1/2 so I am thinking not this winter but next they will fit. Got them at Gymboree for 60 % off. So I got him two shirts, a pair of pants and two sets of socks for $20 bucks. NICE!!!

Owen is now taking lots and lots of steps and they are prepping him for the big move to the next room in daycare. I really wanted a particular teacher, so I asked how they place the kids. She told me they do it randomly but if a parent wants a particular teacher then we can let them know and they will make sure that your kid ends up in that classroom. So I let them know who I wanted on Friday. That puts my mind at ease, I really really like the Ms. Kathy and I know Owen does too.

I love asking Owen where his belly and head are. He is right on it. He knows both. Wes is teaching him leg now. He is also trying to repeat what you say. He is getting out Ball pretty good lately, he also kinda says out (I taught him this when getting out of the car seat or the neglectro-tron). No new tricks that I can think of. Just getting really good at the ones he already knows. OH WAIT!! He stands up without holding on to anything now. That is a new one. Also, he must of fell off the bed again or learned how to get down because on Monday night I woke up to him laughing at Sasha and looked down on the floor and he and Sasha were just playing around. It made me laugh but I also made sure I baby proofed the room too. I never thought of that..him just getting down one way or another and just having a good time about it.

Its time for reading and off I go.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

12:16 pm One year and One day to the hour

So right now, by coincidence, last year at this exact time my little man was one day old. It is hard to believe that he is now one year and one day old. Now that the party is over, which was a success, and life has quited back down my heart aches. The realization that my infant is now a toddler is bittersweet. He is becoming less dependent on me, for instance he can just sit and play with his toys all by himself for long periods of time, and that independence is going to continue to grow and grow until he is ready to spread his invisible wings and fly. I in turn have turned in to a true mother..I see it in myself now. I feel it when I look in his big blue eyes and imagine his future and who is he going to be. I can feel the love grow with each day between us, all of us. It is such a big love, so big there are no words for it. Even the sky is just too small in comparison. So since it is Owens first birthday, one of my gifts to him is to write him a personal letter:

Dear sweet Owen,

Hi my little man. It has been a wonderful journey thus far with you. From the time you were conceived to now. I knew the moment I found out that I was pregnant that you were going to be something special, and you truly are. You make my heart feel like a song, a song that is so full of love it brings tears to the eyes of its listeners. As I sit here playing the song over and over in my mind I am so overjoyed, that my heart aches. The past year has been full of wonder and amazement. You have gone from a little baby who could not hold his head up to a strong young boy who is on the verge of walking. There are so many little tricks you can do and you have taught me the meaning of patients, you are inspiring in that way, for you do not give up when you can not get done what you want to the first time around. You are becoming independent in your own ways and yet you still lay your head on my shoulder and give me great big kisses. I love how no matter what, you still need me; and I foresee this happening for many years to come, even well into your teen years. I am so happy God gave you to me, I believe he really does know what he is doing, for there is no other child in the world I would rather have than you!!! You complete your daddy and me; that is something that will never change. Happy 1st Birthday my little man.

I love you deeply,
Your Mommy

So a super cool and cute thing Owen does now. We bought him a little plague that says "DREAM BIG" and put it in his room. Wes and I agreed to show him the plague and read it to him at least once a day. Now when we say "DREAM BIG OWEN" he will point up to the plague and tell us something in his baby jabber. I am sure he is repeating this back to us..for we too must remember to "DREAM BIG".

Today is Owens second Easter and we did not celebrate this year either. I figured yesterday was a lot for him so today we shall rest. The party was a lot of fun and went really well. He got more presents then I even imaged he would get. The kid is not lacking in clothing nor toys that is for sure. He got to taste some birthday cake but I snatched it away from him before he could have too much, I did not want him to get sick, and I really did not want him developing a liking for sweets. Next year I am planning on making the cake myself and making it special with fruit as the sweetener.

Next week were going to get his pictures taken with the Picture People. This year for Easter we had pictures taken with real bunnies. He did have an encounter today with the Easter Bunny and he did not like was pretty funny. I did not have my camera so I could not get a picture. Well I am going to post some pictures of his birthday and more than likely will have more posted on my FLIKR once I get them scanned in.

Will write more later.......Peace and Love

1st Birthday Pictures

1st Birthday Pictures

Friday, March 21, 2008


WOW my little man is going to really be a little man. Yes tomorrow he will be ONE year old. I can not even begin to explain how fast the past year has gone. I just can not even describe it in words. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am also looking forward to the next hundred so I may not live that long.

Work stinks as usual. I wish I could get out of that place but it pays too good and I like working four days a week. Not to mention I have excellent insurance and a super great retirement package. So I stay!!

I signed up for a Chocolate Bliss House Party and also an Aveeno House Party. I like both products a lot so it would be fun to have either or but I am in hopes that I get picked for the Aveeno one.

Owen is trying to sound out words it is so cute. He is becoming a little parrot or at least trying to. Gotta start watching the cuss words when I am driving. OHHHHH NOOOO!!! I like to say the S word a lot and I fear it will become Owens first real word. It would be funny but not so funny too. He got a toy today from day care for his birthday and for some reason it made me so sad. I guess it is because I know that he is growing up and soon he will be moving on to the next room and I will miss Ms Trisha and Diane. They are both so sweet and good with Owen. BOO HOOO...feeling a little teary eyed as I write this.

OK enough of that on a lighter note. My grandmother and mom, Karen and Sara will all be here early tomorrow for the party. It will be so much fun just to see everyone. I can not wait to put Owen in his little birthday outfit. I got him a cake to smash up and we ordered a big subway sub. It should be a blast. Will be sure to post the picture.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More demanding

It is hard to write regularly these days. Owen is actually more demanding now then he was when he was a baby. He is in to everything and wants my attention nonstop. Not that I mind. Its just hard to find the time to write in a blog. Went to Tara's house this weekend. It was fun to sit and talk with her. We missed her..Owen included. He had a lot of fun playing with the kids. Ashton even noticed that Owen was standing up all by himself. It was so cute. But Owen did so well interacting with them and actually sitting on the floor and playing with them. He is taking more steps but still falling down, I can tell he is getting more and more confident in himself and just maybe by his first birthday he will be walking.

Speaking of first birthday...I am freaking out. He is going to be ONE in a week. A WEEK!!!!!! Where in the world has the time gone? I just can not figure it out. I love all the fun things he is doing now. Like waving bye bye and blowing kisses. He is a lover to boot. He likes to give hugs and big ole sloppy kisses on the cheek. He also likes to give raspberries on our tummies and cheeks. It is so cute. He also knows where his belly and head are. And he is so quick to laugh. That is unless he is tired and then he gets a bit on the crabby side. When he gets mad he will wring his little hands together. He still loves it when I sing to him and when I dance he just cracks up at me. He is jibber jabbing more and more and words are coming out. He said bye bye and what (at least it really sounded like it), mama and of course dada.

Wes and I love being parents. I am both sad that his infant days are over but excited about the next year to come and all the cool things he is going to learn how to do.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Pictures

OK Owen is waving bye bye, he is blowing kisses, making lots of sounds and he took his first step Friday when I got home. He stood by himself for about 10 seconds and took a step towards me. He then fell, but he is on the fast track to walking.

Owen and Daddy sleeping
OwenandSasha 37

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We were all healthy for a short while...

Well we were all healthy for about half a week and now Owen has another cold. I feel so bad for the little guy. He keeps gulping phlegm and it is making it hard for him to eat. Yesterday was my little brothers birthday and my moms was last Tuesday so we all went out to dinner. We took Owen some puffs to eat and he started to gag on one. He would not stop gagging so I swept my finger across his tongue to see if it was stuck on there, well I must of went to far back and I gagged him. He got so mad at me..he pouted. But needless to say I got the puff off his tongue. Next time though I will do the proper procedure and turn him over my knee and pound on his back to get it out. I still am not sure what possessed me to stick my finger in his mouth..I think I just freaked out and just reacted without thinking..but then I was like holy cow if he was choking I could have made it worse by doing you can imagine how bad and guilty I felt afterwards..still feeling kinda bad about that. Then on the way home he was drinking out of a sippy and the pulled the lid off the cup (I was sitting in back with him) and it went up his nose and all over him and me and he stated gagging and coughing. OMG..the stress!!! We pulled over got him out of the car seat and pounded on his back to get the water out. He of course was ok..but seriously I was so stressed out. Poor kid..he did not have a good night. But it must have all worn him out because he slept so good all night, even with not being able to breathe out of his nose. So needless to say when he has a cold I am not giving him any of the puffs, I think they are hard for him to get down when he can not breathe very well. We will stick to baby food and applesauce, oh and of course mommy's milk.

He has been doing really well at daycare. (Besides getting sick all the time) He no longer cries when I go to pick him up. Which makes me kinda sad. But I can still tell that he is happy to see me. He normally gets really excited. But Friday he was half a sleep and did not give two hoots that I was there to get him. I think he just wanted to sleep, because when I got him home we both took a two hour nap.

He is also doing great on getting his toy walker out and getting up on it and going. And Wes said that he stood by himself when he dropped him off at daycare for a few minutes. OH and another super cute thing he has been doing is putting a basket on his head and dancing. It is so funny. He is also so intrigued with my moms and Wes' moms glasses. He likes to eat everything in sight. Other than that not a whole lot else happening. I have been working some Fridays to get some extra money for his first birthday party..which is just three short weeks away. So next weekend I am going to go get invitations. I am so excited!