Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures 1 year

Today has been non stop, first I went to work for a few hours and then rushed home so we could take Owen to get his pictures taken. We used up our final "members perks" card and we are done with The Picture People. I am happy about it myself. I was not too happy with the results, mostly because the background looked really dirty. Owen was cute of course. Next professional photo will be in September and we are going to get a family photo, with Sasha, at a real studio. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully I can find a cute shirt for Owen that will match something Wes has. Wes got a few shirts at the mall, I got one and a pen and a creepy bobble head named milq (its like a zombie cow), and I got Owen a few 3T winter clothing. He is such a big boy, I am sure he will be wearing 3T at 2 1/2 so I am thinking not this winter but next they will fit. Got them at Gymboree for 60 % off. So I got him two shirts, a pair of pants and two sets of socks for $20 bucks. NICE!!!

Owen is now taking lots and lots of steps and they are prepping him for the big move to the next room in daycare. I really wanted a particular teacher, so I asked how they place the kids. She told me they do it randomly but if a parent wants a particular teacher then we can let them know and they will make sure that your kid ends up in that classroom. So I let them know who I wanted on Friday. That puts my mind at ease, I really really like the Ms. Kathy and I know Owen does too.

I love asking Owen where his belly and head are. He is right on it. He knows both. Wes is teaching him leg now. He is also trying to repeat what you say. He is getting out Ball pretty good lately, he also kinda says out (I taught him this when getting out of the car seat or the neglectro-tron). No new tricks that I can think of. Just getting really good at the ones he already knows. OH WAIT!! He stands up without holding on to anything now. That is a new one. Also, he must of fell off the bed again or learned how to get down because on Monday night I woke up to him laughing at Sasha and looked down on the floor and he and Sasha were just playing around. It made me laugh but I also made sure I baby proofed the room too. I never thought of that..him just getting down one way or another and just having a good time about it.

Its time for reading and off I go.


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