Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Yesterday was Kevin Skirvans Birthday and Wes and I took Owen to Chuck E Cheeses. His first experience for the celebration. It was a lot of fun. Owen was loving a matter of fact when we left he was screaming at the top of his lungs to go back. It was so cute. He was exhausted and was quiet all the way home. They really have a lot of fun things for little kids to play on. He really enjoyed the car rides and the toddler play area..where he went up and down the slide 100 times. Wes and I played an alien race game and I got so excited over it..more so then Owen. HUMMM..I liked it there a lot. On my way out I told Kevin, who turned 2, good bye and he said "bye jewey" and gave me a kiss. It was too cute.

Owen is doing ok. He has a cold..not a surprise. He still has not got the tubes put in his ears. He has to be healthy..that never seems to happen. I hope the kid builds up an immunity soon. We have a doctors appointment Friday (which I may reschedual) to get a shot and check out his leg. He is still limping every now and again. The other day he fell and grabbed his leg, limped for a while and then stopped limping about an hour later. So I am not sure if he is still hurting or not. I am thinking he may just have twisted his ankle wrong.

He is talking a lot and showing some intrest in the toilet. Which is pretty cool. He ran into the bathroom yesterday and pointed at the toilet and said poo poo. It was funny. I got him naked and sat him on it but he wanted down..not surpised about that..kinda scarey. Once I got him down he was focused on getting a bath..he even grabbed his duckie tub and threw it in the big tub. It was funny. So I gave him a bath..we got out he pointed at the toilet again, I put him on it, he wanted down, got him down and he ran to the living room and peed on the floor..pretty funny.

He has been repeating words a lot lately and actions. One bad habit we have taught him..swatting the dog in the butt and telling her to go. He did that the other day for the first time and the dog jumped up..I was cracking up. Now she runs away before he has a chance to smack her. She learns quick.

My grandma (AKA Granny) was up this past weekend. Owen really liked her. He seems to really like all the grandparents. Its pretty adorable. I will ask him if he want to go see grandma or grandpa and he will shake his head yes.

As for me, I am loving the weather (which it is becoming fall..warm during the day and cool at night) and not loving work so much. Hopefully I will get over the work slump here soon. This is a job I have to keep..I have such great insurance..and trust me we have been putting it to use.

Well speaking of work..time to get to it.

Veggie momma will post some more receipts soon: If anyone out there has a good veggie receipt they would like to share feel free to leave it in my remarks..I love trying new things.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where do I begin.

Soooooooo, Owen has not been able to get his tubes in his ears yet because he has been a sicky and they can not have surgery when they are sick..makes sense really. Hopefully here soon. I just want to get it over with.

Next, he is walking much better now. Still has a little limp from the broken leg but is doing much better. Will take him to see the Doc. next Friday to get it re-evaluated..and a shot. OYE!!

He is growing up. Talking up a storm. Points at things when asked where they are. Points at himself when asked where he is. Has a new and very much exciting love for books, so we read to him a lot more now then we had been. He makes all sorts of animal noises...but only lips the duck noise..all because of me and his bath duck..LOL..He is so amazing, and just so darn cute.

Wes and I are doing good. We have the typical bickerings but get over it quickly. We really love eachother a lot. He is such a cutie too. I see where the O Dog gets it.

Well my 15 min at work is up.....................

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken Leg, Tubes in will get better from here

OK so life has been pretty busy these past few weeks and I am feeling it in my neck BIG TIME..I am so sore today. Not to mention I have a sinus infection..sure that does not make things better. I was really hoping we would get the Fisher Price House Party but we did not. Thought the little guy would have fun with all the new toys and then donate some to friends and daycare..but did not happen. Its all good..

He has a broken fibula..thus causing the limping. The doctor he was going to is Dr. Hix in Elkhart IN OSMC. He found the break in an Xray on Monday. Found out Tuesday has another ear infection, which seems to always be an issue for him. Though he never complains. Took him to the Dr. and he is on antibiotic ear drops. Today took him to S. Bend to Dr. Kletzing an ENT and he is going to get tubes in his ears. I am so happy. I think this will help him a lot. The doctor said that he is getting about 1/3rd of sound in his ears. I think after surgery he is going to FREAK because he will be able to hear things so much better. And the surgery is next Friday at 6:30 Mishawaka. He said it should only take 15 min to do in and out..

Well not much else happening..just tired from all the running around and hardly getting any sleep.