Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where do I begin.

Soooooooo, Owen has not been able to get his tubes in his ears yet because he has been a sicky and they can not have surgery when they are sick..makes sense really. Hopefully here soon. I just want to get it over with.

Next, he is walking much better now. Still has a little limp from the broken leg but is doing much better. Will take him to see the Doc. next Friday to get it re-evaluated..and a shot. OYE!!

He is growing up. Talking up a storm. Points at things when asked where they are. Points at himself when asked where he is. Has a new and very much exciting love for books, so we read to him a lot more now then we had been. He makes all sorts of animal noises...but only lips the duck noise..all because of me and his bath duck..LOL..He is so amazing, and just so darn cute.

Wes and I are doing good. We have the typical bickerings but get over it quickly. We really love eachother a lot. He is such a cutie too. I see where the O Dog gets it.

Well my 15 min at work is up.....................

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