Friday, August 31, 2007

Just the 3 of us....

I fell holding my baby

Did I EVER have the scare of my life. I fell down the stairs that lead to the garage holding Owen today. I went to my knees and his back arched backwards..he cried but not too much. I took him in and examined him but did not feel comfortable with my own opinion of his health (he appeared ok), so I called the doctor and ran him in for them to check him out. She ran her fingers up and down his spine and checked his legs and so forth and he is just fine. I feel better knowing. I apologized for being over protective and they laughed and shared their stories of falling on their child and the one of them had a kid fall down the stairs and both kids are perfectly fine today.

Owen has his first cold. He has a super snot nose and is sneezing and coughing a lot. So we decided to postpone our trip to see my grandmother and pa. We will have to do it in a few weeks. He looks so sad and miserable.

He is rolling over in both directions now and sitting up for a long time. He is also scooting across the floor and he stands with help of your fingers. He is a super strong little guy. He weighs 21 1/2 pounds. I am so proud of him.

People have been asking me who I think Owen looks like more. Wes and I think that he is a super great blend of the both of us. I really do see a lot of both of us in him. He is soooo he got the best qualities of us...and he def takes after his daddy who is too cute to be true..and as sweet as his daddy too.

Well I will try to write more again like I was..its just getting much to do in such a short amount of time.

Friday, August 24, 2007

So Sweet

Owen and his new Jammies that I got him at wally world. Yes I had to go to Wally world. My manager gave me a serious hook up for a gift so we got Owen some cute jammies, a cover for the shopping carts, I got him a cute little doggie stuffed blanket, a bath sponge and gas medication. NICE!!! I love getting gifts it is great!!! Not to mention his aunt Lori came over and brought him two new books. Which I feel you can never have enough books for kids. They are so fun. I will keep all these books too for the grandkids one day. They will safely go in the basement. The other picture is of me and Owen sleeping. It is so sweet. I just adore this kid so much. I seriously love being a mommie more than anything in the world. It is my number 1 priority in life. And yes I do continue to work so I can give him everything that I did not get in a paid college education and a nice car and clothing. I like being four days a week but it would be nice to go down to three. I am going to ask to do so when Amanda comes back to work. Then I would feel like I have the best of both worlds, half the week at work and over half the week with my boy. I swear I can not stop buying Owen clothing. It is so much fun. I went to Kohls yesterday for a gift for Kevin and I ended up getting Owen a few cute outfits also. I got Kevin a super cute pair of Camo cords and a shirt to go with them. Seriously adorable. I am still suffering with the anxiety but it seems to be getting a little better. My neck and back pain is still pretty bad though from the stress. I also have been getting the lump in the throat again but it comes and goes. I know it will eventually go away but WHEN!! LOL I know it would if I stopped working but once again that is not an option right now. Well not much else has happened. Just been running around a lot lately doing this or that. Like tonight were going to go to Kelly's for a cook out then Sunday we have two birthday parties. I am looking forward to winter in a way so we can just hang out at our house and relax for just one weekend..Well signing off for now..more later.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Sweet Little Man can Drive me Nuts..LOL

Hey all,

Owen is Super Mario I thought this outfit was soooooo cute!!
I picked Owen up from Tara's today and I thought he was going to drive me nuts. He was sooooo tired but did not want to sleep cuz I am assuming he wanted to spend some time with me. So he fought sleep tooth and nail. I was also trying to put in a Body Shop order from my party yesterday at Heathers. So his fussing was making me kooky. Not that I am not already

So we finally got the little booger to sleep and loaded him up in the car around 6 pm so I could go and get my hair cut. FINALLY it looks super cute. I went to Julia in Goshen. It was great. She did a super job. Got home around 8 and got Owen back to sleep and read my email. Jen said I did it!! I made the 400 dollar quota in sales this I am still in the game for the Body Shop. I am glad cuz it has been fun so far. I hope I can start kicking some butt on it.

I am seriously considering asking to go down to three days a week. I want to pay off a few bills and then put in for it. More than likely when Amanda comes they will hopefully not feel so pressured. I know I have been a royal pain in their rump but I really want to be home with Owen as much as possible. He will only be my baby once and this is the only chance I get to spend these precious moments with him. I can always pick up more hours when he gets older and is in school the entire day. And I am sure that will happen before I know it.

So no more spending foolishly. I have been doing that a lot lately. I see a good deal and I can not pass it up..but I am going to have to. It is time for me to start living without..It will humble me I am I see it as a good thing.

Well my back is hurting and I am so tired and sure Owen will have me up at four off to the bed I go..NIGHTY NIGHT

Friday, August 17, 2007

My day a blurrrrrrrr

Well today I went to work in the am and had to leave early because I was so sick from a headache. Yes sick!! I got sick to my stomach a few times so I got Julia to cover my shift and off to the Chiro I went. Once I got to my chiropractor he adjusted me. I had a pinched nerve in my neck, it took about an hour for it to get the headache to subside (still a linger of one) but now I am tingling and my neck hurts a bit.

Then Owen and I came home for a while after I got him from Tara's house. After we came home we went over to Amanda's house to see her and Wyatt. He is getting so big and cute too!! It was fun to see Owen and Wyatt next to one another..cuz Owen is so big.. but needless to say Owen is also four months older than Wyatt too.

Amanda and I chit chated..talked about Body Shop and took a nice long 45 min walk. It felt pretty good. Wore Owen out. So when we got home Owen was out like a light. Now he is awake back in the jumperoo fussing at me. Wes still is not home from work and it is 8:10 pm. This seems to be becoming a Friday habit. Which sucks a bunch. I need a minute to myself sometimes too. I also work and do all the running around and so on so forth..Friday night is that night I look forward to because it is the beginning of the weekend and the only night we have together where we are not expected to be anywhere. But..that has all been going to crap the last two weeks at least.

Owen and I were both sound asleep when some lady came knocking on our door..getting Sasha all sorts of upset..waking us both up. So he is really grumpy right now..and well so am I. I am tired and in pain and really would just like to go back to sleep...maybe soon Owen will be willing to pass out!!!

Well I better call my father this weekend. He called me last weekend drunk and sobbing on the phone that he can never get a hold of me...booo hoooo. Really what is a week? I did not talk to him for years and he crying over a week..get over it!! I really have a low tolerance for men who whine. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

Ok well Owen has had enough of me doing my thing..LOL..once again gotta go tend to the babe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rolling Rolling Rolling..boy am I slacking

Well hello everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote last. Owen is doing G-R-E-A-T! He is starting to roll over and sit up..well stay sitting up when you put him in that position. It is so cute. He rolls over so good and then he gets mad cuz he is on his belly. I am sure it is only a matter of time and he will be happy to be on his belly so he can crawl around like a mad man.

He is seriously so cute. I love him so much. I have so much fun with him and hate being back to work. My midwife said she wants me to do two full days and two half days for a few weeks. While my meds kick back in. Yes I stopped taking them and now I am starting to feel it. Like the tension is coming back. So I am going to the chiro on Friday and Sat I am going to get a massage. That should help. She told me to take the "happy pills" for at least five months and then slowly take myself off them..if and only if I am feeling better.

I had a Pampered Chef part last weekend. Julie Norris, Stacy, Cheryl, My mom, Darcey, and Kelly all came. It was pretty fun. We made some Mexican Fiesta food. GOOD!!! I am wanting to stock my kitchen up with good cooking supplies and learn how to make awesome healthy foods. I need to start eating right again. I have gained five pounds. And I believe it too cuz I have been eating like a hog. Stacy brought Kevin to my house for the party and I have a picture of him and Owen both in my arms. Kevin is going to be one in a week and Owen is as big as he is. WOW!! LOL..yeppers I got a big boy.

Work is ok but boring as HELL. I do not even have a desire to learn there..I just want to stare at Owen all day. I have gobs of pictures up of him. I think maybe I would enjoy going back to work more if I liked my job.

I felt kinda sentimental today leaving the Midwives office. It was like Deja Vu. It made me sad to think that I do not have another appointment with them for a a year. Unless something happens..but hopefully it wont and I will see them next July for my yearly. I am glad the last two times I have been in the office I got to see Kristin. She is so nice.

I wish I worked in an office setting like that. I think I would enjoy it more. Owen is and jumping like crazy in his jumperoo cuz he is mad. I will get him and play with him. I am sure he is tired cuz he had just fell a sleep when I picked him up and of course it woke him up when I put him in his car seat. (Which is a whole nother story)!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our visit with Amanda and Wyatt

Yesterday seemed to fly by all day long. First I went to work of course. Then went to pick up Owen. Then stopped at home and then went to see Amanda and then we went to the grocery store. So it was seriously non stop going. I called Molly Maids on my way home from work to see how much a deep cleaning would cost and they said about 100.00 dollars to 150.00. I am hoping that it is 100.00. We need it so bad. I just do not have time to get down and dirty and scrub. So I am really excited. I am going to get it done by August 11th too so I can have a clean house by the time of my party. So Wes and I are going to do some rearranging before then too.

I have my Body Shop party with Tara on Saturday and before that we have to go to the vet. So another busy Sat. Ole boy next door did not bring us over a check yesterday. HUMMMMM!!! I hope I do not have to take him to small claims court to get the money.. I will though then I will sue for a half the fence cost too.

I seriously got out of a ticket yesterday because the guy behind me was not the brightest. We were both speeding but the cop was in the fast lane coming after me cuz I kept speeding and the other guy slowed way down. Well there was a construction crew so I got over and the guy behind me did to, right in front of the So the cop got him instead of me. I was like SWEET!!! Hahahaha.

OK picture above is of Amanda and Wyatt..isnt he a doll baby.