Monday, August 20, 2007

My Sweet Little Man can Drive me Nuts..LOL

Hey all,

Owen is Super Mario I thought this outfit was soooooo cute!!
I picked Owen up from Tara's today and I thought he was going to drive me nuts. He was sooooo tired but did not want to sleep cuz I am assuming he wanted to spend some time with me. So he fought sleep tooth and nail. I was also trying to put in a Body Shop order from my party yesterday at Heathers. So his fussing was making me kooky. Not that I am not already

So we finally got the little booger to sleep and loaded him up in the car around 6 pm so I could go and get my hair cut. FINALLY it looks super cute. I went to Julia in Goshen. It was great. She did a super job. Got home around 8 and got Owen back to sleep and read my email. Jen said I did it!! I made the 400 dollar quota in sales this I am still in the game for the Body Shop. I am glad cuz it has been fun so far. I hope I can start kicking some butt on it.

I am seriously considering asking to go down to three days a week. I want to pay off a few bills and then put in for it. More than likely when Amanda comes they will hopefully not feel so pressured. I know I have been a royal pain in their rump but I really want to be home with Owen as much as possible. He will only be my baby once and this is the only chance I get to spend these precious moments with him. I can always pick up more hours when he gets older and is in school the entire day. And I am sure that will happen before I know it.

So no more spending foolishly. I have been doing that a lot lately. I see a good deal and I can not pass it up..but I am going to have to. It is time for me to start living without..It will humble me I am I see it as a good thing.

Well my back is hurting and I am so tired and sure Owen will have me up at four off to the bed I go..NIGHTY NIGHT

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