Friday, August 24, 2007

So Sweet

Owen and his new Jammies that I got him at wally world. Yes I had to go to Wally world. My manager gave me a serious hook up for a gift so we got Owen some cute jammies, a cover for the shopping carts, I got him a cute little doggie stuffed blanket, a bath sponge and gas medication. NICE!!! I love getting gifts it is great!!! Not to mention his aunt Lori came over and brought him two new books. Which I feel you can never have enough books for kids. They are so fun. I will keep all these books too for the grandkids one day. They will safely go in the basement. The other picture is of me and Owen sleeping. It is so sweet. I just adore this kid so much. I seriously love being a mommie more than anything in the world. It is my number 1 priority in life. And yes I do continue to work so I can give him everything that I did not get in a paid college education and a nice car and clothing. I like being four days a week but it would be nice to go down to three. I am going to ask to do so when Amanda comes back to work. Then I would feel like I have the best of both worlds, half the week at work and over half the week with my boy. I swear I can not stop buying Owen clothing. It is so much fun. I went to Kohls yesterday for a gift for Kevin and I ended up getting Owen a few cute outfits also. I got Kevin a super cute pair of Camo cords and a shirt to go with them. Seriously adorable. I am still suffering with the anxiety but it seems to be getting a little better. My neck and back pain is still pretty bad though from the stress. I also have been getting the lump in the throat again but it comes and goes. I know it will eventually go away but WHEN!! LOL I know it would if I stopped working but once again that is not an option right now. Well not much else has happened. Just been running around a lot lately doing this or that. Like tonight were going to go to Kelly's for a cook out then Sunday we have two birthday parties. I am looking forward to winter in a way so we can just hang out at our house and relax for just one weekend..Well signing off for now..more later.

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