Monday, March 22, 2010


Today at 12:16 my little boy will be 3 years old. What a wonderful past three years we have had and to be blessed with such a great, loving, kind, busy little boy. I feel like I have been blessed every day with Owen in my life. He is soooo cute and soooo funny. Last night Wes tossed a diaper at him and it made Owen upset. So as soon as he woke up this morning he told daddy not to touch him because he threw a diaper at him. Then he told me that a man on tv's butt is as big as funny and so honest.

He had a birthday party on Saturday. We had a lot of friends and family over. Grandma and Grandpa Hoogenboom, Darcey and Anthony, Stacy and Kevin, Grandma (horse) Eva, Granny Amy, Grandpa and Grandma Monkey (Murphy), Tara, Darin, Maddi, Ashton, and Daymon, Karen, Scott. Sara stopped by. Teddi stopped by. It appeared to look like a toy store after all the great gifts he got. Wes and I bought him a toy kitchen set, which he loves..and he got some fake food to accomodate the kitchen. He got a vet set with a doggie, play dough, books, money, match box car, floor puzzles--which I think is his favorite of all besides the kitchen, an alien that eats a smaller alien, Ironman figures, care bears, stickers, and was great. He had a carebears cake with three little care bears on it and a sponge bob balloon. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Worth every bit of the work to see his beautiful smile.

I feel so blessed that he chose me as his mom and even more blessed that I have him in my life. I can not even begin to imagine and nor do I ever want to what life was like before Owen..I know it was not as good....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My day thus far

So today has been pretty good. Luckily this week is going by fast. Owen woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...had to put him in time out at least three times for hitting before we even managed to get out of the door. Hopefully he had a better day at school. I am doubtful of this, since I do believe that is where he is learning his aggressive behavior (since we do not hit at home) and I get negative reports almost daily about him not having very good "listening ears". He keeps telling me he wants to go to Montessori, so I am hoping when he goes there his life will be better, which will make mine better in turn. He is very strong willed and very smart for a three year old and he really does like to do what he likes to do and at home that is mostly not a problem, but at school it is. I think he grows bored of the work they have him doing and wants to move on, but can not because the rest of the class is not ready. Luckily at Montessori he can work at his own pace on what he wants to work on. I hardly ever got a negative report when he went there on Fridays only. It was nice.

Work is what it is these days. I think I am struggling a little bit more than normal, especially the further along I get the more "mommy brain" I have. Its nice to have a pay check and that is about all its good for to me these days. Hopefully it will not be as hard for me to return this time after the baby but I am sure it will be though..since I never really have loved my job. But once again I like the paycheck..I like being able to put Owen in Montessori and buy my kids nice things to wear..and eat..and play with, this is a motivator.

Wes is such a great dad. Its so fun to watch him and Owen play. Owens new game is Astro boy and Atlas..where the two of them run around battling like a super hero and villian. Its too cute. We went to the mall last week and they were running up and down the halls being Astro and Atlas..I just fell in love all over again. Nothing like seeing a man with his son.

Wish I had even the smallest inkling of what this new baby is going to be. I say a girl but I really do not have super strong feelings either way. Everyone who touches my belly or refers to the child is calling it a girl, so maybe they are getting the feelings for me. We have a few names picked out for both boy and girl. I really like Silas for a boy and Lilian for a girl. Lilian would be called Lili. How cute is that!!

Can't believe how fast time is going by now that I have a kid and a kid on the way. This pregnacy has FLOWN by..well once my morning sickness surpassed. I believe this child to come will be addicted to cough drops when its born, since that is all I could suck on to make me feel better. I in turn can not stand the thought of them. I also think my ear is feeling much better. Hopefully here soon it will be back to normal..completely..though I need to remember to put my ear drops in.

Well my 15 min. break at work is up..ready to keep working for the next 20 min..hopefully get a few more things done before time to go home.

Glad we can play outside when we get home, today is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! So excited and ready for summer..not only for the weather but for the baby to make its grand entrance!!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


So I am pregnant..actually very very pregnant. 28 weeks to be exact. So excited to be having baby number two. So sad that I have not blogged about it or Owen in so long. Owen is getting so big its super fun. He has moved from the 2.5 room up to the 3 room and he loves it. He does not hardly want to come home when I go to pick him up. His behavior has become aggressive so I am putting a stop to him watching a lot of tv shows. He talks non stop and its all so super cute. He calls me mommy, dad is babe and he is baby. The baby in the belly is also baby. I will make sure to keep up on this blog..especially since I will be updating two kids here soon.

So I am going to deliver at St Joseph Regional Hospital in Mishawaka. I chose midwives again, though I do not like them nearly as much as I liked my midwives for Owen. But excited about the hospital. Its brand new, just opened in 12/2009. Its really pretty. I have been there twice now. Once of the ultra sound..will post soon. And once for the blood tests. I am happy to say the pregnancy has been pretty good. I have gained about 22 Ibs which is right on track. I have not had high blood pressure or numerous yeast infections. I have had an ear infection for the past month and if this round of antibiotics does not work then I am going to go see an ENT..its so bizzare. I have not had an ear infection in YEARS! We waited to find out the gender of the baby again. This time I wanted to know since I wanted to plan ahead..but Wes won and were waiting. I have gobs and gobs of boy its probably a

Well working in the Elkhart office. Miss South Bend a lot but it is nice to be so close. I literally get home in 6 minutes..well when Elkhart is not under construction that is.

Owen will be starting Montessori school in the fall..and I am so looking forward to getting him out of daycare and into a school setting. I am hoping to be able to do some volunteer work there. I enjoy the teachers a lot. He went for a little while on Fridays, before I got preggers and he loved it. He still asks me when he gets to go back. I tell him when the leaves are on the trees and the grass is green.

Well better get back to excited to blog again..getting really tired of Facebook!! This is much better.