Monday, March 15, 2010


So I am pregnant..actually very very pregnant. 28 weeks to be exact. So excited to be having baby number two. So sad that I have not blogged about it or Owen in so long. Owen is getting so big its super fun. He has moved from the 2.5 room up to the 3 room and he loves it. He does not hardly want to come home when I go to pick him up. His behavior has become aggressive so I am putting a stop to him watching a lot of tv shows. He talks non stop and its all so super cute. He calls me mommy, dad is babe and he is baby. The baby in the belly is also baby. I will make sure to keep up on this blog..especially since I will be updating two kids here soon.

So I am going to deliver at St Joseph Regional Hospital in Mishawaka. I chose midwives again, though I do not like them nearly as much as I liked my midwives for Owen. But excited about the hospital. Its brand new, just opened in 12/2009. Its really pretty. I have been there twice now. Once of the ultra sound..will post soon. And once for the blood tests. I am happy to say the pregnancy has been pretty good. I have gained about 22 Ibs which is right on track. I have not had high blood pressure or numerous yeast infections. I have had an ear infection for the past month and if this round of antibiotics does not work then I am going to go see an ENT..its so bizzare. I have not had an ear infection in YEARS! We waited to find out the gender of the baby again. This time I wanted to know since I wanted to plan ahead..but Wes won and were waiting. I have gobs and gobs of boy its probably a

Well working in the Elkhart office. Miss South Bend a lot but it is nice to be so close. I literally get home in 6 minutes..well when Elkhart is not under construction that is.

Owen will be starting Montessori school in the fall..and I am so looking forward to getting him out of daycare and into a school setting. I am hoping to be able to do some volunteer work there. I enjoy the teachers a lot. He went for a little while on Fridays, before I got preggers and he loved it. He still asks me when he gets to go back. I tell him when the leaves are on the trees and the grass is green.

Well better get back to excited to blog again..getting really tired of Facebook!! This is much better.

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