Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today we went to the park. Owen ran around until his little face was all red. He was ready to get in the bath. He is talking so incredibly much. He is really putting full sentences together, such as: Mommy get me green ball, we play catch. Pretty good for a two year old.

Decided to put him in Montessori only on Fridays, for one it will be easier on the pocket book and for two we do not have to try and juggle his schedule and ours. It almost seems like it would have been impossible to do it. I think this will work out much better. I am looking forward to him starting.

Taking him in for a check up tomorrow for school will ask about his sinuses when I am there. He is sounding pretty bad at night these days.

He loves screaming and I can hear him now, better get up there.

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