Friday, August 17, 2007

My day a blurrrrrrrr

Well today I went to work in the am and had to leave early because I was so sick from a headache. Yes sick!! I got sick to my stomach a few times so I got Julia to cover my shift and off to the Chiro I went. Once I got to my chiropractor he adjusted me. I had a pinched nerve in my neck, it took about an hour for it to get the headache to subside (still a linger of one) but now I am tingling and my neck hurts a bit.

Then Owen and I came home for a while after I got him from Tara's house. After we came home we went over to Amanda's house to see her and Wyatt. He is getting so big and cute too!! It was fun to see Owen and Wyatt next to one another..cuz Owen is so big.. but needless to say Owen is also four months older than Wyatt too.

Amanda and I chit chated..talked about Body Shop and took a nice long 45 min walk. It felt pretty good. Wore Owen out. So when we got home Owen was out like a light. Now he is awake back in the jumperoo fussing at me. Wes still is not home from work and it is 8:10 pm. This seems to be becoming a Friday habit. Which sucks a bunch. I need a minute to myself sometimes too. I also work and do all the running around and so on so forth..Friday night is that night I look forward to because it is the beginning of the weekend and the only night we have together where we are not expected to be anywhere. But..that has all been going to crap the last two weeks at least.

Owen and I were both sound asleep when some lady came knocking on our door..getting Sasha all sorts of upset..waking us both up. So he is really grumpy right now..and well so am I. I am tired and in pain and really would just like to go back to sleep...maybe soon Owen will be willing to pass out!!!

Well I better call my father this weekend. He called me last weekend drunk and sobbing on the phone that he can never get a hold of me...booo hoooo. Really what is a week? I did not talk to him for years and he crying over a week..get over it!! I really have a low tolerance for men who whine. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

Ok well Owen has had enough of me doing my thing..LOL..once again gotta go tend to the babe.

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