Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rolling Rolling Rolling..boy am I slacking

Well hello everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote last. Owen is doing G-R-E-A-T! He is starting to roll over and sit up..well stay sitting up when you put him in that position. It is so cute. He rolls over so good and then he gets mad cuz he is on his belly. I am sure it is only a matter of time and he will be happy to be on his belly so he can crawl around like a mad man.

He is seriously so cute. I love him so much. I have so much fun with him and hate being back to work. My midwife said she wants me to do two full days and two half days for a few weeks. While my meds kick back in. Yes I stopped taking them and now I am starting to feel it. Like the tension is coming back. So I am going to the chiro on Friday and Sat I am going to get a massage. That should help. She told me to take the "happy pills" for at least five months and then slowly take myself off them..if and only if I am feeling better.

I had a Pampered Chef part last weekend. Julie Norris, Stacy, Cheryl, My mom, Darcey, and Kelly all came. It was pretty fun. We made some Mexican Fiesta food. GOOD!!! I am wanting to stock my kitchen up with good cooking supplies and learn how to make awesome healthy foods. I need to start eating right again. I have gained five pounds. And I believe it too cuz I have been eating like a hog. Stacy brought Kevin to my house for the party and I have a picture of him and Owen both in my arms. Kevin is going to be one in a week and Owen is as big as he is. WOW!! LOL..yeppers I got a big boy.

Work is ok but boring as HELL. I do not even have a desire to learn there..I just want to stare at Owen all day. I have gobs of pictures up of him. I think maybe I would enjoy going back to work more if I liked my job.

I felt kinda sentimental today leaving the Midwives office. It was like Deja Vu. It made me sad to think that I do not have another appointment with them for a while..like a year. Unless something happens..but hopefully it wont and I will see them next July for my yearly. I am glad the last two times I have been in the office I got to see Kristin. She is so nice.

I wish I worked in an office setting like that. I think I would enjoy it more. Owen is fussing..lol. and jumping like crazy in his jumperoo cuz he is mad. I will get him and play with him. I am sure he is tired cuz he had just fell a sleep when I picked him up and of course it woke him up when I put him in his car seat. (Which is a whole nother story)!

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Heather Everingham said...

I knew he would do it soon. He was so close at our house. I love that last picture he is so like "yeah, I did it so what now" What a sweetie!