Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our visit with Amanda and Wyatt

Yesterday seemed to fly by all day long. First I went to work of course. Then went to pick up Owen. Then stopped at home and then went to see Amanda and then we went to the grocery store. So it was seriously non stop going. I called Molly Maids on my way home from work to see how much a deep cleaning would cost and they said about 100.00 dollars to 150.00. I am hoping that it is 100.00. We need it so bad. I just do not have time to get down and dirty and scrub. So I am really excited. I am going to get it done by August 11th too so I can have a clean house by the time of my party. So Wes and I are going to do some rearranging before then too.

I have my Body Shop party with Tara on Saturday and before that we have to go to the vet. So another busy Sat. Ole boy next door did not bring us over a check yesterday. HUMMMMM!!! I hope I do not have to take him to small claims court to get the money.. I will though then I will sue for a half the fence cost too.

I seriously got out of a ticket yesterday because the guy behind me was not the brightest. We were both speeding but the cop was in the fast lane coming after me cuz I kept speeding and the other guy slowed way down. Well there was a construction crew so I got over and the guy behind me did to, right in front of the So the cop got him instead of me. I was like SWEET!!! Hahahaha.

OK picture above is of Amanda and Wyatt..isnt he a doll baby.

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