Sunday, March 2, 2008

We were all healthy for a short while...

Well we were all healthy for about half a week and now Owen has another cold. I feel so bad for the little guy. He keeps gulping phlegm and it is making it hard for him to eat. Yesterday was my little brothers birthday and my moms was last Tuesday so we all went out to dinner. We took Owen some puffs to eat and he started to gag on one. He would not stop gagging so I swept my finger across his tongue to see if it was stuck on there, well I must of went to far back and I gagged him. He got so mad at me..he pouted. But needless to say I got the puff off his tongue. Next time though I will do the proper procedure and turn him over my knee and pound on his back to get it out. I still am not sure what possessed me to stick my finger in his mouth..I think I just freaked out and just reacted without thinking..but then I was like holy cow if he was choking I could have made it worse by doing you can imagine how bad and guilty I felt afterwards..still feeling kinda bad about that. Then on the way home he was drinking out of a sippy and the pulled the lid off the cup (I was sitting in back with him) and it went up his nose and all over him and me and he stated gagging and coughing. OMG..the stress!!! We pulled over got him out of the car seat and pounded on his back to get the water out. He of course was ok..but seriously I was so stressed out. Poor kid..he did not have a good night. But it must have all worn him out because he slept so good all night, even with not being able to breathe out of his nose. So needless to say when he has a cold I am not giving him any of the puffs, I think they are hard for him to get down when he can not breathe very well. We will stick to baby food and applesauce, oh and of course mommy's milk.

He has been doing really well at daycare. (Besides getting sick all the time) He no longer cries when I go to pick him up. Which makes me kinda sad. But I can still tell that he is happy to see me. He normally gets really excited. But Friday he was half a sleep and did not give two hoots that I was there to get him. I think he just wanted to sleep, because when I got him home we both took a two hour nap.

He is also doing great on getting his toy walker out and getting up on it and going. And Wes said that he stood by himself when he dropped him off at daycare for a few minutes. OH and another super cute thing he has been doing is putting a basket on his head and dancing. It is so funny. He is also so intrigued with my moms and Wes' moms glasses. He likes to eat everything in sight. Other than that not a whole lot else happening. I have been working some Fridays to get some extra money for his first birthday party..which is just three short weeks away. So next weekend I am going to go get invitations. I am so excited!

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