Sunday, March 16, 2008

More demanding

It is hard to write regularly these days. Owen is actually more demanding now then he was when he was a baby. He is in to everything and wants my attention nonstop. Not that I mind. Its just hard to find the time to write in a blog. Went to Tara's house this weekend. It was fun to sit and talk with her. We missed her..Owen included. He had a lot of fun playing with the kids. Ashton even noticed that Owen was standing up all by himself. It was so cute. But Owen did so well interacting with them and actually sitting on the floor and playing with them. He is taking more steps but still falling down, I can tell he is getting more and more confident in himself and just maybe by his first birthday he will be walking.

Speaking of first birthday...I am freaking out. He is going to be ONE in a week. A WEEK!!!!!! Where in the world has the time gone? I just can not figure it out. I love all the fun things he is doing now. Like waving bye bye and blowing kisses. He is a lover to boot. He likes to give hugs and big ole sloppy kisses on the cheek. He also likes to give raspberries on our tummies and cheeks. It is so cute. He also knows where his belly and head are. And he is so quick to laugh. That is unless he is tired and then he gets a bit on the crabby side. When he gets mad he will wring his little hands together. He still loves it when I sing to him and when I dance he just cracks up at me. He is jibber jabbing more and more and words are coming out. He said bye bye and what (at least it really sounded like it), mama and of course dada.

Wes and I love being parents. I am both sad that his infant days are over but excited about the next year to come and all the cool things he is going to learn how to do.

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