Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Amandas Baby

Amanda named her son Wyatt and he has dark black hair and blue eyes. What a cutie! Cant wait to get a picture with him and Owen together.

Saw a humming bird today outside my window..

Went to pick up Owen today after work and it was raining when we left Tara's house. As I was running with Owen to the car he had his arms sticking straight out and his legs lifted up into his belly and he was was so funny and cute all at the same time. It cracked me up. I had to reassure him once I had him in the car that he was ok...cuz he was screaming bloody He calmed down pretty quick though with mommies kisses...

Worked sucked..but when dosent it. I seriously am thinking I want a new job...I may start working on that this weekend. Tara and I are going to open an online store that will be cool.

Not much else happening..

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