Sunday, July 1, 2007

Went to church today..

We went to church today with Tara, Darin and the kids. Met Heather and Nate there too. Jonna was also there. I was so excited to see her it has been years and years since I last saw her. It was refreshing for me to be at church though I know it stressed Wes out. He says that he is ok with going but I am not too sure..

Owen did good for most of the service..he barfed on me big time though. It was pretty Next week I think I am going to leave him in the nursery. I think that will be much better. Then I can actually listen to the service..this week it was mostly a worship service so mostly music playing and singing. Tiffany was also there. After the service we went to Hacienda with Nate and family. It was fun. I love Hacienda and have been craving it so it was great that it was suggested..which I forced that task upon

We are going to go over to Tara and Darin's house so Wes can have band practice. I will more than likely chit chat with Tara out doors.

I want to work on my back garden this week. Hopefully since Wes will have the fourth off I can do it on that day..Maybe also take Owen out there in his stroller..that may work out for me too.

Well I must change and first scan some pictures for Tara..then head out..its already four o clock..amazing..the days go by too fast..

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