Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Owen rolled OVER!!

Went to see Kristin today and actually got to see her. Which is so cool. I was hoping I would get to see her. The new nurse practitioner is great but not Kristin. But I am going to go back on Monday three days a week half days, for two weeks. Then I am going to go back five days half days for one week and then I am going to go back to my normal hours. After I saw Kristin I took Owen to the Office to see everyone and talk to Sue and Steve. They were really understanding. I am going to go to work from 9am to 1pm and just do RIBS. So it should not be too bad. Everyone at work was pretty happy to see me and Owen. But Owen def. got most of the attention. Afterwards, we went to Tara's house and took the kids for a walk. It was fun. Work would be a breeze if I could have Owen there with me all day.

But got home chilled out with him and played with him. Saw him roll from his belly to his back. It was pretty cool. Gotta love seeing progress.

Got my back massager today. Can not wait to use it. Also got a wrong order today. Was suppose to get a book and instead got a movie. Im kinda ticked about it. I want my book!! It is one I need to read to qualify for Doula.

Not much else has been happening. Owen is spitting a lot. I think its because of his tooth.

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Heather Everingham said...

Yeah OWEN!!! (I can just picture you clapping in church for him :)) AND Yeah JULIE!!!...take "baby steps" you'll figure out whats right for your life and it probably won't be what was right before Owen. The good thing is you've got your prorities in order Owen first there will always be work to do!