Saturday, July 21, 2007

Up at 4am

Well Owen and I have been up since 4am now it is 4:28 am. He had a upset belly and was twisting and turning all night. So I got up with him and got him passing gas by doing the bicycle legs. Now he is just not ready to go back to sleep, I had a feeling that is what was going to happen but I could not let him just twist and turn in pain. It made me sad. I tell ya what for such a small kid he sure has a lot of gas, LOL.

He has been doing something funny with his little tongue on his bottom lip. It makes me wonder if he is starting to teeth down there too. He is sitting in his Jumperoo right now and made it make noise on his own and he looked at me so proud. It was too cute. He is playing with all the little toys on it making them work. It just amazes me. The first time I put him in his jumperoo he was so small he got stuck in there and it was hard to get him out. Now he fits perfect and jumps around and plays with the toys and gets the music going on it. WAY COOL!!!

I had the worse headache yesterday and it progressively got worse through out the day. I actually woke up with it. Then by 7pm it was so bad I threw up. I had Wes make me some soup and then I went to bed. Thank God I have such a wonderful man. He took care of Owen until he was ready to go to sleep. So when Owen was ready and was yelling for me I had him bring him in the room. I nursed him and about five minutes later he was OUT!! Now that was at 8 pm so I guess Owen has had about 8 hours of sleep. It wont take him long to get tired again and want to go back to bed.

The last few nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night starving. I am not sure why this is happening. Owen must be eating a lot more and its making me want to eat. I am maintaining my weight at about 180 right now. I was 172 when I got pregnant. So I am not far off from my original weight. I think I have been eating too much sugar lately too. That always makes me feel hungry too.

Well Owen is starting to get fussy. Hopefully that means he is ready to go back to sleep. He is also yawning.

Sunday were gonna go to the fair..looking forward to that. And tomorrow maybe get him a big boy car seat. He is about to out grow his.

Oh and I forgot to go to the La Leche meeting on Thursday..It just totally went out of my mind. I kept thinking I was forgetting something. Well that was it..LOL. Next month.

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