Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Car Seat

We had to go buy Owen a new car seat today. He is getting too big for his old one and I did not want to take any chances. We got a 3 in one car seat from Babies R Us. Wes is trying to get it in the car as we speak. Not sure he is having a good time of it.

Owen has been a fussy bug all day. I think its his teeth and tummy. I think his teeth hurt from teething and I think he is upset to his belly. Not sure what I ate but boy o boy has he had some major gas lately. Poor little man.

Today I joined Cafe Mom its a live chat room. It is pretty cool. I like it. It is a lot like myspace but there is just a bunch of mommys on there.

Still have my sinus headache. Took some pain killers for it..working a little bit. Got a massage and that helped a little too.

Think its my nerves too..going back to the old work place on Monday. Good thing its just for a few hours, that way I know that I can handle it.

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