Friday, July 27, 2007

Cracking up

When I went to pick up Owen today it was great!!! Tara said he did really really good and he was happy most of the day and easy to calm down. I think he is getting use to being there again. I wish he would eat more though. Its a long day for him to go and only take about 2 oz of food. But I am sure he makes up for it at night. He is going to have reverse nursing:)

Anywho, when we were getting ready to leave Daymon was kicking around a punching bag with his foot and Owen was seriously cracking up at it. It was so cute. I was laughing so hard I had tears welding up in my eyes. I think it was also because it was so freaking adorable. Tara took some pictures so I will post them on here once she gets them online.

Tara and I are going to start an online store. We are going to start working on it this weekend. I can not wait to get started and it will be super fun to go to the garage sales and salvation army to get stuff to put online. I am so excited.

My arm and neck are killing me from being on the computer so think I will get off here..

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