Friday, July 27, 2007

What to do?

Well it is now 12:41 am and I just got Owen to bed. We had a horrid ordeal today. Our neighbors huge 80 pound dog decided to get out of his house and he came up behind Sasha (our little 20 pound dog) and picked her up by the neck. Wes got on the dog to get him off her. Finally got her released as the neighbor was coming over to our yard. Sasha was yipping so loud. It was so sad. We took her to the emergency vet in South Bend..they had to do surgery on her neck and put a drain in where the stupid ass dog ripped two holes in her neck. Yeah..what if that was Owen. Seriously I was and am so pissed. The clinic told me to call the Elkhart Human Society and file a bite report. And we are def getting a fence now. So for a week we have to clean out Sasahas wounds and keep it clean and dry. Give her three different types of medication. The bill was 250.00 dollars from there..which the neighbor said he would pay. It will end up costing more because we have to then take her to our vet to get the drain removed..and they will have to do what they need to do to her. I feel so bad for her. Wes luckily was out there and saved her life. I honestly think that dog needs to be put down..the neighbor said that is why he does not take the dog out because it does things like that. HUMMM..good indicator that it may need to be destroyed.

Oh and to make things even more interesting I was yelling at the neighbor in my blue undies and a tank top..he was doing all he could to avoid looking at I did not care I put Owen in a safe place and ran out there in my underwear....hahahahahaha...

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