Saturday, July 14, 2007

I really wanted today to be all about relaxing..

I really wanted today to be all about relaxing but it has not worked out that way. Instead we had to rush off for me to get a massage. Then after that we went to the music store and to get some CHINA HOUSE (which I had been craving since I went into labor, that was were I was going to go eat the day I got induced for me some greenbeans with fried tofu..yummy!! Then we went on the MOST stressful trip to Target that I have ever been on. People were constantly flocking around chance to look at things. Then when we left there we finally came home and I got to take a super hot bath..which rocked. And in a few were gonna head over to Tara and Darin's house to hang out for a while. I swear we are go go go..I guess it is getting me prepared for the future of having boy...and hopefully a very active one that will keep me running and never ever bored.

This morning he awoke before we did and to get me awake he just screamed out really loud..not a cry..just a get my attention scream. It was so funny. I could not help but crack up cuz it really did get my attention..He will more than likely remember that little trick

Well gotta eat and off to Tara and Darins.

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