Saturday, July 14, 2007

Love the Garage Sales

I went to Nappanee with Tara and her kids yesterday to go to garage sales. It was so much fun. But I am so sore today from walking around so much. My chest muscles hurt and I did not even know I had muscles there. Not to mention I carried Owen around off and on and he is getting so BIG and heavy. I got some really great clothing for Owen for dirt cheap. It is great. I got him a high chair for five dollars and some books for him and me and a picture frame and him a little pair of duck rain boots and a few toys for him for around forty dollars. I would say that I got him at least 30 or 40 articles of clothing too. Clothing such as baby gap, Disney, a Notre Dame outfit, and a bunch of other really nice brands. I am seriously never gonna buy new things again. From now on every summer we will do the yard sale thing for the winter articles too.

Owen is talking away to Sasha our dog. It is so cute. She is not responding but he just keeps trying. LOL.

Owen was pretty good when we went to the yard sales. He threw a FIT once when I was putting him back in his stroller. It was so funny and a little embarrassing. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. He did not want to go in the stroller. But mommy won of course cuz I did not want him in the sun too long. Even with sun tan lotion on. Sam gave him a little baseball hat that her son use to wear. It fits Owen perfect and is so cute. I will have to get a picture of him with it on. Its so fun to go in my friends houses and see Owens picture on their fridge. I love it.

Well going to get a massage today at 10 thank goodness. My back is killing me after yesterday. I need to start standing up straight. I think that would help a lot. Plus doing my yoga and swimming. Which I may go do today for a while. Even if its just for 15 minutes it would be nice to be in the pool.

Well signing off for now..

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Tara said...

You should never be embarrassed of him screaming in front of us! We both have 3 kids and have had some very embarrassing things happen to us. We completely understand!!! I too was so sore. Last night my bones even hurt from all the walking, we probably burnt 1000 calories, and you even more from carrying Owen. :)