Friday, July 6, 2007

What to do?

Well we got Owen his first set of shots. But now do I want to keep getting them for him and do I have to since I started them already? It has been proven over and over that shots are linked to autism and possibly to ADHD and death. What sort of risk am I taking by giving him his shots? They are finding that Mercury is in these shots causing the child to be poisoned. Is it better to wait and give the shots when the child is older. I am going to do some serious research on this topic and continue to breast feed. I think that I am going to call an alternative doctor and ask if I have to keep giving the shots since I started them. And if I decided to wait to give him the rest of the shots what would be a good age to start them. Its so confusing. Why is the government allowing our children to get sick? OH YEAH, money. Lets see we can make lots of money off the shots (they are about 500 dollars a visit) and then we can continue to make money off the families who have autistic and adhd children. HUMMMMMMMM!!!! I am not saying that the shots are a bad idea..I am sure I got them when I was young..but allowing Mercury to be put in the shots is a terrible idea. What is better..shots or no shots?? I will continue to do my research all the way up to his four month appointment and then make a very informed decision. I want what is best for my son and I can assure you that is not death, adhd or autism.

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