Monday, July 16, 2007

The Body Shop

Well my new endeavor in life is trying to sell Body Shop products. It is a great product that I personally use myself..thanks to Amanda. I liked the product so much myself that I thought I would give it a shot in selling it. But I have not had much luck. So if anyone reads this and would like to have a party..let me know. We could also do a book party where you just take the sales book to work with ya and try to make sales. The great thing is there is free stuff involved for you if you make sales.

Anyway, not much else happening. I can not get rid of this lump in my throat and I am debating BIG time to see if I can go down to three days a week at work. That is another reason I would like to start selling this product.

Owen is doing great. He has a nice saliva rash on his chin from all his drooling. I try to keep it wiped off his face but as soon as I wipe it off there is just more drool. Right now I have him in one of the garage sale shirts I bought him and it is so cute. It has little marshans on it. He is just cracking up at me...and yelling. He is tired still. He woke up having a big number 2 in his diaper sooner than I think he wanted too. He is still chewing on his fingers a lot.

Well I go talk to my midwife on the 18th about returning to work..

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