Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Its the 4th of July where are the fireworks??

I suppose people are letting them off like crazy..fireworks that is. Owen has been crying for the past half an hour. I think he is over stimulated to the extreme. He is just so mad he wont even sleep. Well I suppose I will have to try again here in a few. Wes is changing his diaper right now.

Doing laundry with some nuts. Sounds is. Just had to say that..but really I am using nuts instead of detergent. I hope it works.

OK for the 4th Wes and I went driving around getting me some flowers to plant and then we went to his company cookout. It was a lot of fun and the people he works with made me feel right at home. I had a good time.

Well kid is going NUTS..better try to get him to sleep.

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