Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sing me a song...

Today I was changing Owen's diaper and I started singing the Dixie Chics song, "Take me Away" and Owen joined in. Of course it was coos and goos followed by some super cute smiles. It was one of the sweetest things ever. He gets more fun with each day that goes by. I swear I love this kid more than anything..he is remarkable!!

He was a dream today too. We went with Grandma Kelly all over Goshen. She took us out to eat at Old country Buffet and we went to Wally World..the evil shopping empire. I normally will not go there but we met a few of her clients there. Mary and Doug. They are both super sweet. I bought Owen a kiddie pool that Wes is gonna have to blow up. Poor guy its pretty big too. But I think it will be fun to sit Owen up in it. I know he will like it. And next year he will be able to sit up in it himself.

Right now he is sitting in his farm chair eating a chewing toy. Its pretty cute. All things go in the mouth now. I think he may be starting to teeth. He is a drool monster. And he gets really ticked off that he can not put things in his mouth like he would want to.

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