Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting Ready for What??

OK there are a lot of things that I am getting ready for right now. I am getting ready to go back to work and be a working mom...Bummer. I am getting ready to motivate myself to get selling my Body Shop products. I am getting ready to attend meetings that will help me be a better parent. I am getting ready to have a Pampered Chef party. I am getting ready to..ummm..I am sure there is more but I can not think of it all right now.

Tonight I am going to attend my first meeting with the HMN. It is going to be at the Goshen Hospital this month. Which kinda stinks..its normally at the library and I feel like I would be more comfortable there. But I do not want to keep putting off going to the meetings. And next Thursday I am going to start going to the La Leche Meetings in Elkhart here. I am excited about that. I am going to take Owen to those. They are an hour earlier which will be better.

Not looking forward to the work return. But I am trying to get myself ready for it. I just enjoy being home with Owen so much. I love seeing him grow and I love that he counts on me 100 percent. I really hope they will transfer me. If not then I really need to start making some serious decisions. Like do I want to start looking for another job? Perhaps that is the answer. Or do I want to try and go down to three days a week instead of four? That may be an even better solution. I could always get a part time job on the weekend and Wes could watch Owen.

On August 11th I am hosting a Pampered Chef party. Looking forward to that. I think it will be fun. I hope people will come to it. I seem to not have much luck on that. I will ask a few people from work if they want to come too. Maybe I will set up my Body Shop products at this party to get Things started. I am going to invite my neighbor to the Pampered Chef party too. Her name is Teddy and she is super nice. Just an out loud thought to myself so I do not forget to do it.

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