Saturday, April 7, 2007

Owens apointment

Owen has gained a pound and grew an inch in two weeks. The doctor said that is great. He has some bumps on his neck and face but the doctor said this is normal and will go away around three months. We also asked about his belly button and the doctor put some strange stick thing on it and it kinda burned it a little bit and now his belly button looks great. We then asked about his diaper rash, which is horrid. Poor little guy has blisters on his butt (he just poops all the time), but the doc gave me a formula for a super butt paste which as Lotrimin, mylanta and a and d ointment in it. Strange as it sounds it seems to be working. He also has become a bit fussy and the doctor said this is normal for babies to do. Its kinda like growing pains. He also said it would be ok for us to give him the pacifier now. Which he kinda likes and kinda does not like. It just depends on his mood. I think that is about all we covered at the doctor office. Now he will not go back until he is nine weeks old. I think we will start getting him his shots at that time. I have been up in arms about getting the shots or not but I think since I have to put him in daycare they require him getting his shots. I suppose most kids get them and they all turn out ok. I just hate to expose his little body to all that at such a young age. I think I am going to pass on the Hep B shot though until he is a little bit older.

My insurance rocks, I got the billings for the hospital and the midwife fee. Grand total of approx 12000.00 to have my little man..I paid ZERO!! Got to love that. I suppose there are some true perks to working for the government. Not to mention I get eleven weeks off work to care for him. I could have had 12 or even more but I think I will be ready to get back into a routine. Hopefully he will get into one around that time. Right now I spoil him silly and let him sleep with me. He sleeps better when he sleeps by me. I guess its my warmth. But here soon I want to get him use to sleeping in his bassinet. Then we will move up to the crib when he is a bit older. I hate the scare of SIDS but I know it is important to keep people informed about it, but I think they put the fear of god in you too about it. My Bradley Method Teacher said that babies that sleep with their parents tend to be less likely to die of SIDS because they imitate your breathing patterns. Also, his doctor said that sucking on the pacifier also reduces the risk of dying of SIDS. So I think that we are doing what we can do to prevent it. PLUS he is not around any smoke and will not be around it either.

He is so funny, he likes to grunt and coo in his sleep. I have a feeling he is going to be a talker when he gets older. Which is a good thing, hopefully I can get him to read at an early age and we can read tons of books together.

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