Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three Weeks Old

My little man is three weeks old today. It just blows my mind that he has been with us for almost a month now..well I suppose that he was with us for a long time before that, but outside of the womb for three weeks now...

He is getting bigger, he eats like a horse..and belches like one too. I suppose that will only get louder with time and I am sure he will eventually find it pretty funny. I have to admit we will more than likely encourage

My friend Julie came to see me yesterday. Well I suppose see Owen too..We have been friends for about 20 years. Now that makes me feel old. My friend Karen is coming tomorrow and is going to go to Owens first music class with me. It should be fun. I talked to the teacher yesterday on the phone to confirm his enrollment. She seems to be really nice and is super excited to have such a youngster in her class. She said there is also another little girl in the class who is three weeks old. So that should be fun.

Owen is so funny. He will not sleep unless he is right up next to me. I think that it is a good thing, he wakes me up really quick that way when he needs to eat or get a diaper change. He actually took a bottle yesterday for Wes' mom. I had some crazy mixed feelings about made me happy cuz I know that I can get a break , but it made me sad cuz he is now old enough to take the bottle. I know he is still a little guy, but time is just going by so fast it worries me a little. Before I know it he will be starting school..I am just going to enjoy every second of him.

Not much too exciting has been going on. Just same ole same ole. I am kinda getting cabin fever, its been so cold I have not been able to really get out of the house and just take a nice long walk. I am really looking forward to warm weather. It has been hard for me to just hang around the house all day. I am use to working 40 hours a week and well driving back and forth to South Bend to work. So it has been strange to just be home.

My back has been KILLING me. I am going to have to go to the chiropractor often for a while. That is one thing I miss about being pregnant I did not have to go to the chiropractor as much..strange enough my back did not hurt when I was pregnant.

Well my little man is grunting in his sleep. I better get over there by him before he wakes. I want to watch an episode of Sapranos. Gotta love the Netflix...the HBO shows rock.

More later


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