Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boy am I tired

OK the lack of sleep has def caught up with me. My eyes are so tired they are going blurry on me..and well since I only have one good eye anyway its kinda stressful..Yes I have a lazy eye. It sucks cuz I really can not see out of it..I can but cant get good vision and it is not correctable with is correctable by the age of 12 years old if you get to a good eye doctor in time. So needless to say if Owen inherits this horrid curse he will get it fixed. He will have to wear a patch over his good eye to force the bad one to work..but it will be worth will save him a lot of eye strain in the future..Hopefully though he will get his dads eyesight which is 20/20 and we will not have to worry about it. I am hoping one day they will be able to come up with some sort of laser surgery to fix it..I will def get it done.

I get some sleep through the night but it is never straight through. He wakes up pretty regularly at 1 am, 3am then 6am wanting food and a diaper change. I know it wont last forever but I have to admit I am looking forward to the day that he sleeps through the night..even if it is just half way through the night.

My friend Karen came up to stay with us this past weekend. She went to Owen's music class with us and then I showed her my cubical at work. Then we all went to eat with Stacy for lunch. It was great having her here. I miss her so much when she is gone. She is one of my bestest friends ever.

Speaking of music class it was a blast. It is on Fridays and for a half an hour. The teachers name is Paulina and she is so great. She has a beautiful singing voice and she plays various instruments. I think I am going to keep Owen in it long going. Its only 54 dollars every six weeks. But I think it will really help him develop musically and well in other aspects too. Plus it is on Fridays and I am off work on Friday's so it will give us something productive to do together instead of just sitting around the house all day.

Everyone at work was glad to see Owen. It is funny we were all talking and I love this mommy thing..which is strange because I very vocally use to say that I did NOT want children. I am not sure why but I just didn't. Them my friend Stacy at work got pregnant and I kinda went through it with her and realized that it looked fun. So I decided that I did want a kid. Now I was talking to my co workers about having another one down the road...and they all were like this is so great..we cant believe this is you all thin O looks like a doll. But they have only seem him when he is sleeping when he is very angelic..just wait until he

My dog is so protective over Owen. It is adorable. She has to get up beside him when he is sleeping. It really is sweet. I was so worried about her being jealous but she is not. She gets her time in with me when Grandma Murphy is here taking care of Owen or when Wes has him. Its pretty cute. We got her hair cut really short for summer. She looks like she feels so much better getting all that ole hair off here.

Well I need to watch some of the Sopranos..which is a GREAT show. So we can get this netflix returned. Plus I got to get some laundry done..and well fast cuz when he wakes he is going to be hungry and possibly fussy. This is normally his fussy time of day....but sometimes he waits until a little later to get fussy we will falls between five and nine pm..then we give him a bath and out he goes. I think he just needs to wear himself out cuz he knows night time is coming soon. He was up A LOT today so he may be pretty tired tonight even though he is sleeping now.

My mom and little brother also came over yesterday to see baby. Of course he was either sleeping or being a bit fussy..LOL..I guess that is pretty much all they can do right now so what can ya expect..its eat, sleep, fuss, and potty..

well signing off for now...

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