Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feelings Hurt

Well Wes is off to play drums. I agreed for him to go cuz he told me he is BORED..What the HELL. It pisses me off and hurts my feelings all in one. How can he be bored..he is not the one who is home all week taking care of an infant..he gets to go to work. He is not the one who is up all the time through out the night..or falls asleep when watching a movie because he is so exhausted...oh and all day when I was cleaning the house and doing laundry in between feedings and naps he was the one on the computer..I was lucky to get a shower in today and it was cut short because Owen woke up. AND HE IS BORED!!! I asked him today how he like being a father and he said it is OK..well perhaps if he got more involved it would be better than ok. I think I am MAD right now. And that makes me happy that he is not here. OH and how nice to be able to go get out some pent up energy..yep wish I could go hang with my friends and drink some beers..that does sound really great!!! I have not been able to really do that for almost a year..and he is BORED!! Real poor choice of words to use there Wes. Glad your son and I are boring to you..

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