Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Up all night

My poor little guy has a large amount of gas and it appears that he is always pushing and then he gets so mad cuz it wont come out. I can feel it rumbling in his belly. It makes me sad for him. I have gave him some anti gas medication, it seems to work temporarily. He was up all night the night before last and up off and on last night. He also cried for like three hours last night. Talk about draining. Finally I swaddled him and he fell right to sleep.

Wes and I did manage to go to Kohl's yesterday. I got him some cute little summer outfits. He is going to look so cute. I also bought a few things for my friends who are going to have babies soon.

I got a shower today. Kelly is here and she watched him. She also let me run down to the cafe to get a decaf coffee. It was great. Its nice to get out of the house even if its for a few min. I would not mind taking him if it were warmer out. So soon he will be able to go with me. But at this rate by the time it gets warm he is going to be going to daycare and I am going to have to return to work. How far and yet how close June seems.

Well I am not mad at Wes anymore. I got over it. When Owen gets older I will be the one who gets to go out while he stays home with O..so I know it will all work out.

not much else to talk about..

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