Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a great day

In the sheltered simplicity of the first days after a baby is born, one sees again the magical closed circle. The miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other.
-- Anne Morrow Lindberg

Today was beautiful. It was 82 degrees outside. Wes and I walked Owen and the dog. Owen just fell asleep of course..since that is what he does best. Then we took him to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Hoogenboom. I think it made them very happy to see him. They of course thinks he looks like Wes. He does a lot. I have a picture of Tim and Kelly holding Wes at one month and you would think it was Owen. He is getting so big. It blows my mind that he is going on Five weeks old this week. How can that be. I swear I just called work telling them I was going to the hospital to have him..time flies. I have one more entire month off work and then back to work in June. How sad is that. I was wanting to go back at first but now I just want to stay home with him. He is getting to the point that when he gets tired of everyone else he wants me. I love it!! He is gonna be moms little man. He was screaming like mad today though..I think it was because he was super tired. I fed him and laid him down and he was out like a light and he is still sleeping. I think I will wake him soon cuz I really do not want him to be up all night. And I really do not want to go driving him around at 3am in the morning like we did last night. I was so tired. I have to admit that I fell right asleep too for a little while.

Well not much else is going on here..just not looking forward to Wes' work schedule this week. He is back to working split shift and will be home only in the afternoon for four hours. I hate that. I need him home at night. At least his mom will be here so that will help a lot. Maybe I can go up to Walgreen's or CVS for a minute to get away..I swear when I was pregnant I lived at Walgreen's because I had to keep getting prescriptions for one thing or another..or just plain ole prenatals. OK enough..


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