Saturday, April 21, 2007

Baby Bunnies

Today Wes and I went to Mishawaka with Owen. I bought my friends Julia and Amanda gifts for their baby shower next weekend. I made these cute little baskets full of fun things. I can't wait to give them to them. I think I should start making baskets like these and selling them on ebay. I may be able to make some money. It may be worth a shot to try and sell one. I could then take orders and do theme baskets too. Anyways we spent five hours at his work and then we went to Chipolte..yum yum. I could not get any beans on my burrito though..that was sad. I am trying to cut out things that make me gassy so I don't aid in Owens gas issues.

So the baby bunnies. Wes was mowing and all of a sudden out of a large grass patch in the front yard four baby bunnies ran in all directions. So Wes came to show me..and I was like we need to get them back to there nest. SOOOOO I put Owen in his swing and we chased around three bunnies until we got them all back into the nest took off across the street and we lost him. We did look though. One fell down in the basement window hole and I had to scoop him up with a dust pan and then one was smart enough to run right back to where it belonged. The third one ran right into the garage and we finally trapped it and tricked it into hopping into a box and we dropped it back in the nest. It was fun. Owen of course was not happy with me when I came back in..but he got over it. He told me about it for a while and I sang him a few songs and he forgave me. Seriously I was only out there for about five min. tops and randomly checked on O the whole time. So I did not leave him in the house alone the entire time. I am not that crazy..

So Wes mowed the yard and it looks great. It is so nice to have this warm weather. I am loving it. We have been driving Owen around at night to get him to go to sleep. It works pretty good. So right now he is still sitting in his car seat cooing. Its really cute. After I eat I am going to try and put him in his bassinet.

The poor kid is still really gassy. The ask a nurse that I called the other day crying like a big baby to (yes I was literally crying) said to give him the gas drops before he eats. So that is what we have been doing. It works a little but not a whole lot. I think it is a phase that were just going to have to get through. I am going to see my midwife Sheri (she is the one who delivered Owen) not this coming Monday but the next one. I am going to ask her if she knows any natural ways I can try and get him to be less gassy. I am sure she will say my diet is a huge part of it. But she may know of an herb I can take or one that would be safe for me to give him. That would be great..I hate giving him these gas drops non stop. But right now they are my only option. Speaking of gas drops Sasha found his and chewed the bottle up. Thank god she did not get it open or break through it..those things are expensive. Even at Target they are like 7 dollars a bottle. Poor Sasha she is so bored. It is hard for me to find the time to walk her right now. She loves to bark at other dogs a it sucks to walk her when I am walking Owen. So she has been chewing on everything. It will be great when he is old enough to play with her.

Baby has the hiccups and he is getting mad..better go tend to him.

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