Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a memory

Just wanted to write about this before I forget one day. When I found out that I was pregnant, it was toward the end of July..and I am pretty regular on the monthly thing. I was running just a few days late and was having small cramps. Wes joked with me and said maybe I was pregnant. HUMMM got me thinking. So I told my friend Stacy that I am going to go buy a pregnancy test if I do not start my period the next day. She laughed.

So sure enough no period so I went and got a test..POSITIVE!! So I wanted to verify it with the doctor so I called Fairhaven and they gave me a test and it was negative. So I came home and took another test and it was the next day I went and bought two more tests and took those..positive and then I bought two more and took I called the nurse at Fairhaven in Goshen and told her and she said that I am def. pregnant and she is not sure why their test indicated different. Just to be on the safe side I took one more test for good measure and yep it was I took 7 tests. Yes I am a bit obsessive. So that is when I decided not to go with Fairhaven..if they can not even get a pregnancy test right..OMG!!! So I talked to my friend Karen and she was telling me about Midwifes. So I decided to go that route and found one in Elkhart..set up the appointment and went to my Chiropractor in Mishawaka. He asked me what I was going to do and I told him that I was going with a Midwife. That is when he suggested the Womens Reproductive Health Midwifes. So I called them and made an appointment there failing to call and cancel my appointment in Elkhart..Now that was God because I am nothing but happy with the Midwifes in South Bend and I am going to continue to see them as my woman doctors..

But thought that was pretty and my obsessive behavior..yes I am still that way. Sometimes it is good though..

Picture above is my friend Stacy..

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