Thursday, April 26, 2007


Took Owen to the doctor again today. Poor little guys belly button was looking very nasty. Found out that it was part of the stump hanging on tight. So Dr. put silver nitrate on it and then wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic ointment. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Owen has really grown a bunch. He now weights 11 pounds. My gosh he is a big boy already. He is solid as a rock and long..Wes says he is super human..not Wes but He is already rolling over and follows me with his eyes. He can not roll from his back to his belly but he can roll from his belly to his back..oh I take that back he did roll from his back to his belly once..he has to be really ticked off to do that.

He has redish blond hair, but he got the temper of a red head..The nurse was like WOW he gets mad. I was like tell me about it. It is not very often he acts like that..but it is normally around bath time. HE HATES BATH TIME. But we still have to watch his belly button so we can not get him fully wet yet. So cant wait for this belly button thing to be over so I can get him in the bath tub. I think he will like that much better.

Well my little man is five weeks old today..unbelievable my time off work is now half over. I am sad to go back for various I will not be able to spend as much time with him, two I will miss him tremendously and finally it cost a freakin lot of dough to put him in child care.

Wes and I need to get a new vehicle so Karen may buy my car now. It makes me sad cuz it is almost paid off and if we get a new one we are going to be starting over again. BUT my little car is just too small for a family and if we decided to have another child down the road we are going to need a bigger car. We are thinking a small SUV one that is good on gas. There are a couple that are good on gas and they are the RAV 4 Toyota and the Forester by Subaru. They both have the same size engine as my car now..which is pretty wimpy but that saves you bucks on the gas issue and as much as I will be driving that is what is important.

Well enough said for now..

PS Right now my two men are sleeping on the couch..

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